Monday, April 20, 2009

Another circle lens post

So, I gave in and ordered a pair of Ash Wing lenses. Seen some pictures but I'm not quite sure how they'll look on me. Hopefully okay (: The lenses were $16 and shipping was $5. Plus you get a free contact lens case with your order. Customer service over at Mesmerized Eyes is excellent.

I'm totally drained of cash right now, so I'll wait for the next batch to order more. Like I mentioned in my previous circle lens post, I'm lemming me some Nudy greens and possibly the violets (but I'm afraid they'll look too gray :P). Either way, I can't wait for the next batch to open (:

Also, I only have 3 more posts to re-write! Yay! :D

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  1. The gray looks pretty cool! I always wanted to get colored contacts but I was always just too lazy to have to really take care of them. lol. My regular contacts are disposable so I don't take really good care of them to make sure they don't get lost and stuff. haha.

    Are those Ash Wing lenses circle lens as well? You should post pictures when you get them in! :)


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