Sunday, April 12, 2009

Makeup tips for Asian eyes

I know how difficult it can be to apply eye makeup when you have monolids. For me, sometimes I have them, and sometimes I dont. Most of the time, I have a small, defined amount of crease space (which is good enough for me). However, sometimes after I rub my eyes a lot, one of my eyelids will develop more creases than the other and not go away for awhile.

Yes, that is my eye (I squinted a bit on accident lol) in all its un-concealed glory. I'm also prone to puffiness/wrinkles and have bad dark circles as you can see. Plus, my eyelashes grow straight down. Asian eyes can be so frustrating! Lol.

BUT luckily, there are options for defining and complementing asians eyes while giving the illusion of having a crease, or bigger, rounder, wider eyes. Yes, these are also my eyes (I really liked blue at one point :P). You can see the difference concealer, eyeshadow, liner, and false lashes (see below) make when applied right. Everyone's eyes are different, but I'll explain what has worked best for me and what I've found works best with monolids and asian eyes.

Asian eyes and skintones match best with neutral, muted tones in matte finishes:
- Black
- Browns, taupe
- Gold, bronze

But certain colors are also flattering:
- Maroon, rose, plum
- Dusky pinks- Navy blue (brightens the whites of your eyes)- Deep, darker colors

It's safer to stay away from bright, flashy, garish colors unless you really can pull it off or if you're dressing up for Halloween or something :P However, small color highlights along your lower lashline work well with other muted colors.

It's best to STAY AWAY FROM VERY SHIMMERY SHADOWS because they attract attention to imperfections like wrinkles and will catch on stray eyebrow hairs. Any eyeshadow will catch on stray eyebrow hairs for that matter, so make sure to have them groomed well! Also avoid icy, pale, pastel colors because they wash out your skin if your hair is dark. Dark matte shadows look best because they blend well with natural skin tone.


When it comes to defining your eyes, here's some things you can do:

1. False eyelashes work WONDERS for opening up your eyes, as well as curling your eyelashes. Here's a good TUTORIAL on applying false lashes by Askmewhats. She does great reviews too!

2. Black or dark eyeliner along your lashline and waterline help define eyes, BUT also might make them appear smaller and give you that "dead fish" look. It really depends on your type of eyes. I don't line my waterline anymore, which makes my eyes appear a lot wider. But other people like Michelle Phan ( can pull of lining without making their eyes look smaller. She has so much crease though! Lucky!

EXAMPLE by Michelle Phan

3. You can apply a dark eyeshadow on your eyelid and ABOVE the monolid to create a fake crease.
Or depending on how much crease space you have, you can apply a light e/s all over your lid, then apply a dark e/s ABOVE the light color.

EXAMPLE by lizz1901... Check out her youtube channel... awesome (:

4. You could try eyelid tape/glue. I've never personally tried it, but it seems to work. However, it supposedly causes your eyelids to sag with continouous use. Also seems kind of scary :X

5. Circle lenses work great to make your eyes appear larger, wider, and brighter; giving your eyes a doll-like cute quality. I ordered mine and am waiting for them to come in. As you can see below, a combination of all the above techniques can make a HUGE dramatic difference.


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