Sunday, April 19, 2009

Circle lens update

I just came across this site you can order circle lenses from: MESMERIZED EYES. They seem legit and sincere, so I'm thinking of ordering from them soon. Their prices are very good; ~$16 and they have some promotions going on right now, so be sure to check that out. I'm lemming some green, purple, or gray circle lenses, but I'm not sure yet. Leaning towards the Ash Wing pair, but Nudy Violet and Geo Green look pretty good too. Well, I'll see what happens :P

And, I lied xD I said in my review that these lenses are something I wouldn't wear everyday, but since I got them, I have been wearing them daily, for 7+ hours with no irritation. They are completely comfortable and don't dry out my eyes or make them red or itchy. I don't know about the other brands, but Geo is great imo. (:

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  1. wow..lucky you! i've never tried contact lenses or any lenses and I am so scared to try! i get eye allergies easily!


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