Monday, April 6, 2009

General makeup & skincare advice

Figured I'd post a little advice concerning makeup and skincare. It's a little unorganized, but it's basically all the tips, tricks, do's & dont's, etc. that I've collected over the years; which I've learned from other people's advice, reading about it, or myself.Now, I am no skincare expert, but these tips have worked pretty well for me and others I've reccomended them to. Just remember, do whatever works best for your skin. I'll add more to this over time, so check back for updates.


• It's better not to wear a lot of makeup at a young age. During your teen years and prior, your skin is usually at its best. Wearing too much makeup at this time can clog your pores and cause breakouts, which is often the cause of people having problems with their skin in their later years.
• Less is more. Opt for a natural or no makeup look on regular days and save the made-up look for special occasions (I learned this the hard way). This way, your skin breathe freely and will stay clearer.

• If you don't know how to apply makeup, DON'T TRY. This should be the number one rule :P I've seen too many girls with cakey foundation, overly lined lids, unflattering colors, etc. Besides being a behind-your-back embarassment, it'll probably put a damper on your self-esteem if someone tells you how you REALLY look. Not knowing how to apply makeup is NOT the same thing as wearing too much makeup (as long as it looks hella good).

• Always, always, ALWAYS make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone. It'll look really bad if you're walking around in public with your face being lighter than the rest of your body. Don't just trust how you look in the mirror under artificial light, go outside in the sunlight with a mirror to find out what your foundation looks like in other conditions.

• Use extra virgin olive oil as an alternative makeup remover. It works better than everything and is all natural.

• If you're asian and have monolids (little or no visible eyelid), do not JUST line your waterline. I've seen a lot of girls do this. It makes your eyes look even smaller... and sort of scary imo (I also learned this the hard way). To open your eyes up, line your lashline only. Applying a little white eyeliner on your waterline and a little below it will help open up your eyes as well and make you seem more awake. If you're going to just line your waterline anyway, I suggest using a little dark colored eyeshadow that goes ABOVE the eyelid, so it doesn't give that half-eye "dead" look. If you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about. I'd post pics if I find some.

• If you want to make your eyelashes look fuller, CAREFULLY line your top waterline with black eyeliner. It'll smudge on the bottom waterline, so touch it up when you notice it. Curling your eyelashes and applying falsies also make your eyelashes fuller, open up your eyes, and can be used to create a dramatic or pulled-together everyday look.

• If you have oily skin, use a powder foundation. Using liquid foundation will just add more shine to an already oily face, while powder will absorb better. Remember to use oil/shine blotters throughout the day!

• If you have dry skin, moisturize first and then use a liquid foundation. It'll give more moisture to your dry skin. Using powder foundation will make you look chalky.

• Use makeup/moisturizer with SPF (atleast SPF 15+). I haven't been doing this lately, which is why I now have some freckles >:/

• DO NOT go to sleep with makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Having a clean face at night lets your skin rejuvinate itself. Also, do not exercise with makeup on. You'll end up a hot mess.

• Use eyeshadow colors that complement your eyecolor, features, and skin tone. For example, HAZEL EYES go good with neutral colors, like tan or soft pink. BLUE EYES go good with subtle brown tones or soft frost (white). BROWN EYES go good with subtle brown or purple tones. GREEN EYES go good with neutral browns or subtle golds.BUT, don't be afraid to mix up your looks and do something out of the box every once in awhile (:

• Clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. Keep things sanitary.

And lastly,
Even the prettiest makeup can't hide the ugliest personality!

• Exfoliating is good for acne, etc. But too much of it can cause redness and irritation, plus, it can dry out your skin if it is medicated. I only exfoliate once a week for soft, smooth skin that lasts a few days. I use Neutrogena's Oil Free Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. I apply it on my face and exfoliate my skin in small, circular motions (avoid the eye area). Once I've got my whole face covered, I let it sit for a couple minutes, then rinse it off.

• Cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily! (I tend not to do this often, but when I do, my skin looks radiant). On normal days, use a gentle cleanser, not a harsh exfoliant.

• Drink a lot of water (8 glasses a day; I don't do this either, but I try :P) to keep your skin clear and your body healthy and hydrated. Also, don't touch your face throughout the day. This transfers bacteria from your hands to your face which causes breakouts. Don't forget to eat healthy... it can help reduce skin problems.

• Use some kind of homemade mask/scrub a couple times a month. You'll notice the difference in your skin. You can find some great recipes at:

• If you have sensitive skin, avoid products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and alcohol, as they can cause redness and irritation.

• Avoid makeup containing bismuth oxychloride, which can cause breakouts.

• Don't pop pimples unless you know you don't scar! Dab a towel soaked in hot water over the pimple for a little while instead. This'll help it come to a head. Or try the toothpaste method if you don't have sensitive skin.

• Like I said above, use some kind of sunscreen/moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from harsh sun. Too much sun exposure speeds up againg and can cause skin cancer... OBSESSIVE TANNING IS BAD!

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