Monday, May 11, 2009


HI! my name is...
Wait... I don't have a name yet! :(

I do have a HOUSE though.
This is my house. My daddy built it.

My mommy needs your help.
Do YOU know any good NAMES?


  1. Aww!! So cute! Love how s/he has a strip down the back. :)

    Whooa 10 cars in 2 years. Daaamn. Do your bf fix them up and sell them or something?

    Yup yup, got the room all to myself. It's actually considered pretty big for a place in Japan. :)

  2. HI! That is the cutest kitty!! Sorry I just found your blog through createblog and just wanted to do some commenting around the community!

  3. awww so cute, how about..hmm..Bubbles? sooo cute! hahaha Sorry , the eyes reminded me of Power puff girls :)

  4. @WickedLee: thanks for dropping by my blog! I can't view yours to comment back tho :( lol. Nice to know someone from cB!

  5. aww how cute!! call it tiger! =) or just kitty!

  6. omg the cat is so adorable!! But i don't know any names... *thinking*


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