Monday, May 25, 2009

My uneventful weeked

Hi, it's me again.

I'm a lot bigger now. But stuff outside still scares me. I'm NOT ALLOWED to go outside.

I loooove playing. With everything. I also love to EAT.

Here's a video of the little monster *ahem* Miko (or Meeko or whatever) playing with some ribbon. My parents have been calling her that (like the raccoon from Pocahontas because her tail looks like a raccoon's when she's excited). I still call her meatball or fatso because she's a little PORKER. Lol.

Anyways, I enjoyed my Memorial day weekend. Lots of sleeping in, which I love (: a bit of browsing, actual shopping, and hauling (oh nooo). Anyways, here's what I bought from Macy*s today... I loooove SALES xD

I've had my eyes on these BCBG slippers for awhile now so I played the waiting game with them and they came down to $19.99 and today I got them for a bit over $17 :P And I like turquoise (it's more of that color in real life) so I also snagged these hella cute intimates on sale too. I was on the prowl for some lingerie with no luck x_X hehe lol.

And I had a kind of stupid question to ask you girls:
Do you match your underwear? Lol. Kind of awkward sorry :P But I just don't personally know anyone who actually buys all their bras/panties/thongs/etc. in matching sets. I've seen it on movies and tv... but does anyone actually do that every darn day? xD


  1. I LOVE all of the new posts! There are so many ^__^

    & I like to match my underwears, you're not the only one

  2. thanks for following my blog ^^
    this is really cute blog!

    and yes i like to match all my underwear
    but then i tend to buy everything black

  3. omg your kitty is so cute!! i totally miss my cats now.

  4. FAT CATS! i love them...haha, meatball...cute nickname :) and in regards to your undies question... i rarely buy in sets but i still to the same kinda colors when i buy underwear...blacks, whites, nudes, and its not hard to match. :)

  5. Cute kitty! Thanks for the review on the other contacts. I think those look nicer.

  6. awwwww your kitty did get bigger! It's still so adorable though.

    And no I don't match my underwears, firstly it's not like I get guys looking at my underwear every night, and if they do I should hope that they should pay attention to me instead of focusing on how my bra doesn't match my panties. HAHAHA! Anyways I think sometimes mix-matched can be more fun! Matching them all the time gets dull for me :)

  7. Aww soo cute!!

    Naaah, I don't match mine. I mean, sometimes I buy matching pairs that are on sale, but most of the time it's just either AE printed undies or Macy's panties, and just Macy's bras. lol. Never really thought about matching them. :P

    Yeah, it's alot easier to drive, definitely :) I love my family's Tundra tho. :( One day, I'll own one of my own. :)


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