Friday, June 19, 2009

EDM Natural lipgloss overview

So this is a bit overdue, but here's a quick overview on the other 3 lipglosses I ordered from Everyday Minerals.

From left-right:
Siesta, English muffin, Lemon spice.

Siesta is a natural peachy/coral color that goes on sheer.
English muffin is a natural light taupe color that goes on sheer.
Lemon spice is a clear gloss and smells like, well, lemon and spice :P

So far, EDM lipglosses are pretty much the highest on my list of favorite lip products. As for the good and not-so-good points,

  • Sheer but buildable color
  • High shine
  • Moisturizing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Long-wearing


  • Limited variety of shades
  • Doesn't smell/taste good
  • The colored glosses dry out when not used.

Okay, so I'm not sure if it's just my batch that does this, but the colored lipglosses that I got (Siesta & English muffin) dry out when left closed and not in use. I had to warm it up and rub it on my hand or a tissue a few times to get the gloss to be smooth and to apply smoothly.

The Lemon spice one however, is always smooth and glides on effortlessly. This isn't a huge problem for me though, just a bit weird :/ The color and texture of the colored glosses are still the same though once they are warmed up.

Sorry I don't have any swatches on actual lips :(


  1. I had ordered the Lemon Spice one and I didnt like it, at all!! I dont know what it was about it (besides it not smelling/tasting good) that I just didnt like.

  2. @ Marie: I can't get to your blogger to comment you back :( It says it's not public yet lol. Oo ya at first I didn't like the smell but I guess I got used to it. I just really like how moisturizing and shiny it is. Maybe different batches smell/taste diff?

  3. omg! they made lipglosses?! gotta check those out! i love mineral makeup! =]

  4. mmmm ... Lemon Spice sounds yummmmmy

  5. wow that looks fantastic, I've always liked glosses that has tint :) thanks

  6. OoOo I like those! Especially the Siesta and English Muffin. :)

    Yeah, I can't believe some people. Such jerks huh? Pshh. >:(

  7. hehe i was also suspect about the combo, but i had a similar salad at this really good italian restuarant, and the flavors really taste good together, although some people might find arugula bitter (baby argula isn't as bitter).

    ahh i love natural stuff!!! these look great =). what does it smell like? just regular?

  8. The colors look great but it dries out? Hmmm thats not good then


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