Monday, June 22, 2009

Honolulu Zoo pics :D

Here's the pics I said I'd post from my trip to the zoo on Oahu (: It was super hot and we couldn't leisurely walk through the place since we had to make it to the airport, but I managed to take pics of most of everything. All the animals seemed really tired/lazy/bored though :( Felt bad for them. Lots of animals weren't in the exhibits either. Boo. Anyways...

Lazy komodo dragon. Was not even that big or scary lol.

Bored tiger.

I'm not sure what this was, but it was cute haha.

Meerkat, observing a stick :P

Lookin lost... reminds me of my kitten xD

Sleepy rhinos.

Hyenas catching some ZzZz's.

Giraffes! The hubby wanted to see these so bad lol.

A dirty zebra.

A peacock hiding in the grass.

A crane (?)

Mommy peacock and her babies :D

Huuuge hippos x_X

Crocodile thingies.


Lizard ass heh xD

Some kind of fishing bird.

A cute lemur-bear lookin creature...

King Julian! This ringtail lemur looks lazy just like him.

Some grumpy lookin monkey.

An elephant!

And some fluffly flamingos (:


    Why does that crocodiles nose look like that?

    All the animals looked hot & bored. hahaha.

  2. i love the pictures! dont u just love going to the zoo?! cuz i do! lol

  3. cute pics! I don't think I've ever been to the Honolulu Zoo. :S

  4. Meerkat!!!! I always wanted to see one!

    I worked at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for 2 years. The best part of the job was when they would walk the Zebra's and Tigers around the park and running into them. I loved working in a theme park / zoo! The animals were amazing.

  5. I LOVE the zoo! It might be sort of weird how much I love staring at the animals, but giraffes are one of my favorites, I could stare at them for such a long time. lol


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