Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kona flowers

Okay, so I forget if I mentioned that I went to Kona for father's day but anyways I took the opportunity to bust out the camera for some photos since I haven't touched it for awhile ;A; So I took pictures from my grandma's garden... she grows such amazing and beautiful flowers!

I talked about this flower before but this is a fireball protea that I brought back to Hawaii from Maui when I was little. It was this itty bitty little plant and now it is a huge tree/bush! And it's blooming!

This one's not opened yet.

This one's getting there.

Little orchids.

Idk what these are called, but they are pretty.


These are the same kind as the purple ones.

Scary bee.

Idk what this is either, but it's the size of my face. Lol.


  1. wow, i love that orangey-yellow color on the first photo!

  2. oOoh, how pretty! <3 I love flowers so much!!

  3. Hi hUn~!! ohhh such beautiful photos! Hawaii have the most beautiful flowers around! I wish I could visit there in the future! ^0^

  4. Wow, the flowers are beautiful! I wanna goto Hawaii to see pretty flowers! (oh and eat their food)


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