Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oahu hauls

So here's what I brought back from Oahu (:

2 pairs of slippers from Bebe. They were $19 each and I didn't know there was a 50% off sale, so I got 2 for $19 :D That made my day since I couldn't decide which ones I liked better :P

3 tops from Ever Blue. I really liked the one in the middle but they one had larges. But there was a small on a manequin. I didn't want to ask if I could have it... so the hubby went and asked himself haha. The sales clerk looked at him funny xD But we got to buy it and left the manequin naked!

A top and a skirt from Walmart yay :D Boo on me for not trying it on... the top was only in XS and the top part is too snug but the bottom half fits :( So I'm hoping we have it here at our Walmart so I can exchange. The skirt was pretty nice so I decided to get it and the only size they had was 1. Luckily, it pretty much fits, but I want to lose a little weight for it to fit better. Yay for incentives to exercise haha.

A top from Charlotte Russe, since I don't have many gray tops.

And 5 pairs of undies, for my ♥ cute underwear obsession (;

And the hubby bought me a new LeSportsac bag with this cute print that's exclusive for Hawaii and Guam stores. It has these super cute spam musubi cats and dogs on it :3 Fits a lot of stuff in it too for such a small bag!

I also got a super nice pair of pants from Ross but I already got hair dye on them :( Oh well. I was a bit disappointed because I found absolutely NOTHING that I wanted from stores like Macy's and Sears. I usually find loads of stuff I like but not this time. I also went to Sephora 3 times and couldn't find a single thing that I really really wanted. So I ended up not hauling much makeup :(

I got 3 NYX round lipsticks (2 for my mom) for .99 cents each from Don Quijote (love going there just to look at all the penguin stuff haha). I also got 2 lipbalms from The Body Shop. I'll do swatches on all this stuff in my next post.

Aaand I figured I'd leave with a picture of the monster Muffin. She climbs like a monkey! That's a good 7 feet off the ground. She can climb the screen door AND shimmy up the metal part of the door :P She likes to watch what's going on in the kitchen haha xD


  1. cool deal on the bebe slippers! im extremely jealous. thanks for the eyebrow compliment but my eyebrows are extremely light lol I NEED to fill them in.

  2. ouu! nice haul! what a steal for the flip flops!
    aww muffin is such a cutie.

  3. Ahahah! Your cat is soo cute! Cute haul! I love Ever Blue and Charlotte Russe. I always make that a must-shop-at whenever I go to Oahu. :)

  4. Cute bebe flip flops. I'd do the same thing if I were you, buy 2-3 items in different colors :)

    Muffin is so cute! How old is she/he?

  5. i have a "i heart my boyfriend" shirt too!

    nice haul!

  6. Ooh, what great stuff! :)

    & Your cat is SUPER cute!


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