Friday, July 17, 2009

Just for shits, Swap! and Giveaway reminder

Look what I came across at our local Walmart parking lot today xD I found it so funny (okay so maybe it's kind of mean for me to find that funny :P) that I told the hubby to take a picture xD

The silver car was already parked horribly crooked and Idk if the owner of the yellow truck was in an asshole mood or what but the two cars were literally 3 inches away from eachother. You would have to have been there to fully see just how close they were. There was no way either car would have been able to get out without smashing the other somehow xD Plus they were boxed in on the opposite side.

And to top it off, a car to the left of the silver car was also parked horribly crooked, diagonally halfway across the line. Also, the silver car had mainland plates xD I wonder if that had anything to do with it...

We were going to wait and see if either of the drivers would come back just to see what they would do xD But it was raining so we just left.

What unfortunate automobile situations have you witnessed?

Also, I got my package from the lovely Krystal today! Thank you so much girl! She threw in an extra Sephora lipgloss. If you haven't checked out her blog sale yet, get going! She's got some great stuff for sale plus newly added items (:

***Also, here's a reminder for my giveaway! It ends this Sunday, July 19th. I'll also open it to my 7 most recent followers, if anyone wants to try their luck. Thank you to everyone who has entered! (:

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  1. Before I start with my comment, I want to tell you something, really, really stupid. :)

    I kept clicking on the "POST COMMENT" text. I was like "what the heck!? how come it's not working", then I realized, when I scroll down more, there's a box! HAHAHA :] How stupid of me.

    Anyways! Eyyy! THOSE 2 CARS ARE CRAZY! I feel bad for the car, the truck is so near to almost hitting it! Haha! And when it does, not much damage on the truck. Bleeeeh! lol. That's crazy though! I would had thrown a fit, if I was the car's owner. lol!

  2. I've seen a car crash into another one.
    Also once when we were driving to Maryland, this car went nuts and spun around on the bridge.
    Luckily it didn't go over it. VERY SCARY!


  3. OmG, thats so stupid of the silver car to park crooked. People in sacrament do that a lot since we have such big parking lots, they even do that to the spots closer to the stores. I hate them for that. At least people in San Francisco can park since parking is scarce there. Stupid sacramentians

  4. lol, that sucks! i've been in a similar situation to that picture myself except it was on my DRIVER's side. i was parked perfectly fine but the asshole car on my left decided to park like a mere little over half a foot away from me -___- i had to crawl into my seat from the passenger's side!


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