Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Question for YOU :D

Okay, so I was inspired by some DA artists to make these little clay figurines that can be made into charms, jewelry, keychains, etc. I bought a crapload of materials, made one thing (this good luck mochi in the picture), and totally forgot about the project.

However, NOW I have been a bit spurred to get back into making these little guys. My question is would anyone be interested in purchasing little charms like these and giving them a good home? ^___^

I currently am working on 1 more good luck mochi, one pudding, and an onigiri. I am open for suggestions / requests though :D Adoption cost would be about $5 each :3 Incase you are wondering, they all have the same kind of kawaii face! ^0^

All charms are made of quality sculpey clay. Once baked, they are rock hard. You can throw them against a wall and they will not break d(^0^)b

They are painted with acrylic paint and have a shiny glazed finish. Comes with cell phone keychain (but I put mine on my bag since it is kind of heavy for a phone) that you can pick the color, and a cute bell. The wire loop for hanging is securely glued and baked into the figurine.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my project! Thank you!


  1. ooh i wouldn't mind buying! What kinds of kawaii characters do you have made already?

  2. oh i also tagged you on my blog hun! It's the "honest scrap" tag... =]

  3. wow they're really cute, I wouldn't mind buying one since I just found out that there IS a loop on my blackberry to hook a charm 2 days ago!!

  4. they are cute. i'm sure girls will buy em! hehe who can say no to kawaii things? right?

  5. that's adorable! i wouldn't mind buying one :) or two HAHA

  6. I would totally be interested. I was thinking about making them too but I dont know what clay they use and do you literally BAKE it, like... in an oven?! I saw someone made a heartless and put it in a jar... I think my parents would freak out if they found out I was baking clay lol.

    But yes, totally interested!

  7. I would def buy one!! I used to make HK clay charms too! they are so fun to make!<3 ahh I wish we could meet and have fun together!! XD

  8. I think that is a great idea. The charms are reasonably priced too :) Can't wait to see your future creations! Can you make a pink piggie (with a curly tail)?

  9. Aww that's soooo cute! I'd totally buy a good luck mochi one! lol. I've been looking for "Japanesey" stuff to send in care packages to my friends on the mainland, and this would be perfect!

    Haha yeah I'm always deemed as "one of the guys" with my friends (-.-;;) Guys are so much easier to hang out with, dontcha think? Less drama. lol. Naah, I'm not graduating anytime soon. I've got like 3 more years left because I'm a double-major, want to get my teaching certs, and going to Japan for a year set me behind quite a bit. (-.-;;) Oh well, Japan was definitely worth spending a little more time in school. haha.

    Yeah, the summer's going by fast huh? Seems like school will be here in no time. I'm really excited to be starting up again in the Fall at UH...it feels like I've been away from there for forever. haha. Did you register for classes yet?

  10. Oh how cute!!! ^__^ Hmm, ideas...

    What about a little triangle riceball with nori wrapped around it? Or different fruits with kawaii faces on them, like a watermelon slice or strawberry. Or maybe just a puffy little star? Idk, hope my ideas help

  11. Ohh yeah I'm taking that online manga course. That sucks you didn't get in. :S I like Okuyama so I'm hoping it's gonna be a good class. I took her online Mythology Through Film course the first semester they had it and it was pretty good.

    Lots of art classes, sounds like you're gonna have a fun semester! :) I did the same for my first semester...I took all the computer science courses that I thought would be fun and interesting. haha. I was like "screw my generals, I'll do them later."

    Hmm I'm not sure where I want to teach yet, but I'm keeping my options open. My old Japanese teacher just retired at my HS so I'm thinking about going there...especially because certain teachers there can get loan repayment offers from the govt.

    That sounds like an amazing dress! Ahh I wonder what mine will look like one day. lol. Yeah, I always wanted to get married and have kids in my mid-20s but my want to go on adventures and cross off stuff from my "bucket list" conflicts with that :S

    Haha yeah! You should totally go to the beach at least once this summer! :)

  12. I would buy =DD. Would you take commissions though (i.e. a cupcake haha)? My phone doesn't have a loop but I'll prob stick it on my purse. The one in the pic looks very well made =D.

  13. wow i'm so slow! i feel like i'm missing so much for not checking blogger often! these are sooo great sweetie!! defintely go for it! you are so talented and that charm looks so cute!!!

    do you have a kiln or is that with the oven?? that is so awesome if you have a kiln. i always wanted one =P


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to drop me a line and I'll get back to you asap :)