Friday, July 3, 2009

Why I love EDM & sad news :(

So I've raved about Everyday Minerals on various occasions... but I don't think I've ever mentioned about their customer service. They are very timely about answering any questions you may have and are always professional and friendly... I just contacted them about their Natural lipgloss (I mentioned in a review that they dry out when not in use). And here is what they emailed me back:

Hello Erynn,
Thanks so much for sending this over to me so I can help. We are so sorry that your lipglosses are drying out, this should not be happening. I have forwarded your information and we will resend your lipglosses. Thanks so much for choosing Everyday Minerals.

Gosh I am getting free stuff on the wide! They already sent me a free new pressed powder compact because I asked them when the new ones would be coming in! Thank you EDM!

I swear I am becoming like my mom already. If she is not satisfied with something, she can literally complain ANYWHERE; grocery store, department store, restaraunt, online... and get FREE STUFF for it. NO ONE wants to mess with a 4 foot 11 inch asian lady xD haha.

And on another note, Trevor Ariza is going to Houston :((( and the Lakers will be getting.... Ron Artest?! Another :( I think this'll really mess up the dynamics of the team but we'll have to see...


  1. Complaining is always a good thing lol.

  2. That's nice how they';re sending you new lipglosses :) You did the right thing !!


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