Thursday, August 13, 2009

EDM Natural lipgloss swatches

I've reviews Everyday Minerals' Natural lipglosses HERE before, so if you want to see the full review and more swatches, please click that link :D Here's my current lippie collection... You can see I really love their lipgloss... hehe

This time around, I ordered 3 more since I am in LOVE with their lipglosses. For a basic rundown, here's the pros and cons:

- Relatively inexpensive
- Various shades to choose from
- Natural ingredients!!!
- Sheer but buildable color
- Very moisturizing
- Super smooth and velvety textured
- High shine
- Long wearing

- Mine tended to dry out after awhile of not using them
- No good smell or taste
- Packaging could use some work :P

L-R: Soccer practice, Pink Lemonade, Murumuru

Pink Lemonade & Soccer Practice

I was kind of disappointed with Pink Lemonade, I kind of expected it to be a fresh, dewy pink, but it's more of a pale pearl pink... which is not exactly a BAD thing, but not what I wanted.

However, I am extremely satisfied with Soccer Practice!!! It's pretty much the best my-lips-but-better shade I've ever come across. In comparison, it's not as coral-y as Siesta and it's not as red as Bamboo. I LOVE IT!

I first ordered their Lemon Spice natural lipgloss, but I wanted a scentless one so I opted for their Murumuru lip balm... and it's GREAT :D As expected. Barely a smell/taste (you get used to it, it's funny taste at first) but it's extremly buttery and smooth and moizturizing and shiny. Love it~


  1. The Soccer Practice one looks so good on you the Pink Lemonade one looks as if nothing is there.

  2. nice review, i've always been curious about these... they look really nice and natural on your lips :)

  3. Tee - yeah, I really didn't like it too much :S It looks really pale in real life.

    Amy - You should try some! :D

  4. First off you have gorgeous lips! So perfect :) Soccer practice looks like the perfect everyday color. I had some EDM lippies but I lost them when I moved ugh!

  5. KC - Thanks :D Ooo which colors did you have?

  6. looks great on u but i dont like their lippie.too sheer.heehhehe

  7. Geez you got some plump lips:) I've never tried these just their mineral foundation powder. Next time I order I'll add these to my cart.

  8. Verina - I prefer sheer hehe. It is buildable though.

    Distinque - Lol I hate it >_< One of the many things kids in elem. school would make fun of me for :( Yeah you should try them, they're awesome!


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