Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Etude House color me nude lip concealer review

Price: $10.38 (from this ebay seller)

Product Description: Natural skin tone colored makeup conceals lip blemishes with smooth textured foundation that raises lipstick or gloss presentation and durability. Formulated with silicone coating powder supplies a moist adhesive layer that holds lip color cleanly. Formulated with vitamin E derivative and mango butter for lip lubrication and nourishment.

The good stuff:
  • Effectively conceals lip pigmentation
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Holds lip color

The low-down:

  • Expensive, only available online
  • The packaging feels a little flimsy

If you have dry, flaky lips like me,

  • It will settle into fine lines
  • It will be harder to smooth on
  • It will look cakey/powdery
  • It won't absorb as well and will look dry

SOOO! If your lips are dry, PREP them BEFORE you put this on so the above mentioned WON'T happen!!! I use Burt's Bees beeswax lipbalm as a base before applying this and I also warm up the product on my hand so it spreads on easier.

My take: I wanted to try MAC's lip erase, but I think this will do for me. The big turn off is the price and availability but it does work pretty well. The only downside is what I said above, that if your lips are dry and flaky, it will not look good so you have to prep/moisturize your lips before applying. It conceals lip pigmentation perfectly... it's basically like a stick concealer... for your lips :P It's creamy but smooth and easy to spread on and as long as you do the prep work, it is moisturizing and holds other lip colors well. I'm a little careful with the tube as well, it feels really easy to break... :/

Basically a concealer for the lips...

You apply it in the center of your lips and then blend outward with your finger.

Effectively conceals pigmentation and preps the lips for color. I didn't prep well here before I applied it so you can see what I was talking about that it settles into lines and looks cakey. So don't skip this step unless you have nice smooth lips!! Lol~


  1. you have such pretttty lips! ;P this would probably be useful for me in the winter because my lips get really, realy dry! =S

  2. ooh nice review! i definitely need one of these babies with my pigmented lips! hehe thanks for entering my giveaway hun <3

  3. thanks for the review! i have been looking at different lip concealers since i can't find anywhere to get CandyDoll's lip concealer.
    Maybe i should give this a try but the this that i have dry lips so iono...

  4. aw i have dry lips =( but i use concealor to hide my lip pigmentation. what is the difference between using that and a regular concealor?

  5. wow! this is the nice kind of nude! I love it!!! thanks for the swatch on the lip! it looks great on you!

  6. OoOo this looks very tempting to buy. haha. Too bad I spent too much money already. Thanks for the heads up on the charms! I'm thinking about getting a good-luck mochi and a custom one but I haven't really decided what I want yet...hmmm...Thinking about a simple lime/neon green star with one of those cute faces on it but I'm not sure yet. I'll definitely email you with a request when I think up what I want tho. :)

  7. Kym - thanks hehe xD I don't really like my lips all that much lol >//< Too bad this stuff is so expensive lol I would buy more :P

    amynaree - hehe I hope I win xD

    MEii - As long as you prep before you apply it, it goes on and looks fine (;

    MK - Mmm I think that the difference is that this is specifically for the lips rather than a regular concealer for blemishes. The ingredients are diff. like this has ingredients for moisturizing the lips like a balm PLUS concealer.

    Nikki - Thanks :DDD

    Mai - You're so good about not spending!! Lol xD Hehe lmk when you decide ^^

  8. nice review. i saw this product online, but i didn't know if it'll be good. most reviews i've read for etude house products lean towards the negative, etude seems to be more into the cute packaging and the pricing than the actual product's quality.


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