Friday, August 28, 2009

FOTD + cellcampix

Here's the look I used today... a simple smokey eye look using ELF products. I'll be posting reviews soon, but this is something I'll mention in them: I used ELF's liner/shadow stick and you can see in the pics how the liner became quite smudgy below my eyes. Not the best but you'll see how I really feel about it in the reviews.

Ugh, my hair is so dry/damaged :( Anyways, here's what I used:

  • Skinfood Lime Secret Glow pact #3
  • ELF Studio concealer pencil in "Light"
  • NYX jar concealer in "Beige"
  • Physician's Formula eyebrow pencil in "Dark brown"
  • ELF eyebrow treat & tame in "Dark"
  • Sephora eyebrow palette No. 2
  • ELF liner/shadow stick in "Black/Smoke"
  • Rimmel Exaggerate black eyeliner to tightline
  • NYX felt tip liner pen in "Jet black"
  • NYX double sided eye pencil in "Silver" on inner corner of eyes
  • Sephora e/s from Color play palette (see chart)
    C2 (Light taupe - Highlight)
    C6 (Light gray - Outer V)
  • EDM Naturals Murumuru lip balm
  • EDM Natural lip gloss in "Soccer Practice"
And here's some pics I took on my cellphone cam recently... when the weather was nice and sunny! The mister wanted to play some bball... This is when we got there; clear blue skies (:

And when we left... there was so many mosquitos :(

Sunset view from the park we were at

Took this a few days later; beautiful dark hues of the afternoon...

And here's a semi-rant that you don't have to read -__-;;
The current toy; dropped, how it USED TO be... ~3 in. off the ground

Took it to Firestone for new low-pros @ mommy's insistance (they fCked up our brakes) and, no surprise, they fCked up my car too; blew my brand new shocks. They won't admit to it but I'm pretty damn sure they did since it was riding perfectly fine before and now it's bouncing and whacking bumps like hell. Their excuse was that my car wouldn't fit over their jack, which is bullsh*t since we jack up the car all the time.

So now, they don't want to do my alignment, I'm stuck with their fat crappy tires that they market as low-profiles (which is even more bull since just to fit them on I had to raise my car past stock height), and they're still cambering. And now, the ass of my car is up in the air, like it's gonna get fCked doggy style. I would post pics but just looking at it makes me want to cry :/ I hate Firestone. FML


  1. oh man... that's jacked up... those firestone dummies are retarded... Your ride is sweet though... I have a civic too... So asian-ish hehe... but i hope things work out =[... I would be hella pissed too... past stock height!??! man that's freaking high for a civic....

  2. nice pics and I love your smokey eye. I won't go to Firestone now that I know!

  3. love your fotd! so fresh and cute

  4. oooh i like fotd! :) and omgosh i HATE car problems esp when its the "pros'" fault... i cant believe how some ppl still have their businesses when they do unethical practices! >:(

  5. Pretty FOTD, sorry to hear about your car/Firestone problems. :(


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