Sunday, August 30, 2009

Q&A, Your thoughts on...

Thanks for the questions (:

Kiitzyy said: what is ur favorite brand(s) of makeup?

Hmmm.. I range between liking drugstore and department store brands :P My usual non-failing favorites are: NYX, certain ELF products, Avon, Burt's Bees, and EDM. Some brands that I haven't tried too much of but I liked what I tried: Skinfood, ZA NY, Urban Decay, Sephora, Etude House, MAC (only their e/s), Eyeko. While I'm on a similar topic, my fav skincare is hands-down Neutrogena. I am interested in trying some of their cosmetics. Any experiences to share?

Dana said: What's your favorite body part on your bf? What's your favorite body part on the same sex?

Lol, great question (; I don't think I can pick just one favorite xD He has a drool-worthy body but I love him as a whole hehe. One thing I haaad to mention though! He has the nicest, biggest eyes EVER. Not color-wise... but he has EYELIDS!!! And full, long, dark lashes that CURL upwards. And he's japanese!!! ;___; so wasted on a boy :( Okay maybe you won't understand why this makes me so sad but if you are asian, you'll know that majority of the asian population have monolids and short, straight lashes; so the wide-eyed, full-lashed look is very desirable, especially through surgery. He's so lucky, again!! X__x My mom also has eyelids for some reason... so I have these semi-monolid wannabe eyelids :P

And my favorite body part on the same sex (if this isn't obvious by now), is BOOBIES! Haha. I don't care if they're fake, as long as they're nice (; This would explain why I like Tila so much.

I'd like to ask everyone the same questions as well~ What's your fav makeup brand(s) and what's your fav body part on your significant other and on the same sex? (;

Also, I've been pondering...
Your thoughts on... eyelids!~
Do you have eyelids? Monolids? Wannabe eyelids like me? xD
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If you have eyelids, you're so lucky! If you have monolids/a little crease space, how do you do your eyemakeup? Do you wish you had eyelids
? I know I do :P


  1. I have monolids =/ But I can't really complain, I learned to love them & they could always be worse.

    My favorite part of the other sex's body is probably a nice toned body ;D haha, but I also love a nice smile :) & for on the same sex, I have to agree with you BOOBIES, LOL

  2. My favorite brands are NYX, MAC, ELF and certain Flirt products.

    My boyfriend has really nice eyelids too! Every time I look at them I'm like "omg I bet I could make an awesome smokey eye with those lids!" and his eyelashes! Are really really nice! Oh but besides that lol. I really like his smile and he has really nice facial features.

    On the same sex? Maybe legs. I get really jealous when girls have really nice legs. I need to start jogging more lol!

  3. LOL Nice post, I'm immature and laughed at the boobies part but I would also have to agree. I think monolids and double lids are both nice. My brother has the nicest eyes and lashes too, jealous! My fav. brand is Shu Uemura for now.

  4. hehehe cute q&a! I like boobies too lol! I need to try out NYX eyeshadow, I've been so curious!

  5. why do guys always have the nice eye lashes. i look at my bf's lashes and they're so full and long! *sigh*
    i have the double eyelids, but sometimes i still wish my eyes were bigger

  6. fave part on my bf... probably his face or his arms. they're not overly muscular or anything but i just feel so safe in them. okay im getting all mushy. hahaha!

  7. hahaha holy crap I didn't expect to see my eyelid on your post here @_@;;; it's sooo weird seeing my eye up so high in the google search results for "monolid" LOL

    I used to think it was shameful to have monolids, like I was stuck with some bad genes. My mom tried to get me to do surgery but it's just not worth the money to me anymore b/c I'm actually quite happy with them. The only thing I don't like is how they push down my eyelashes and how the epicanthal fold makes my lower lashes stab my eyeballs!!! HATE HATE HATE it! If I ever got eye surgery, it would be to get rid of the fold in the inner corner that makes my lashes grow in.

  8. @Alienman - Ohh sorry didn't know it was your eye >_< If you didn't want me to use it I can take it off =) I wish I could get eyelid surgery my lashes grow down and poke my eye too XP


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