Sunday, September 27, 2009

FOTD featuring DHC

Got my hurr did on friday. . . I LOVE MY HAIR DRESSER =) She is the sweetest, most kind person EVER. And she cuts great hair, always ♥ I figure it's about time I just chop off my hair. Went back to black, now just waiting for it to fade out to dark brown and grow out a bit.

Putting my wet seal clip ins to use :P

It's such an emo look ATM, but I'm diggin' it. This is coming from the girl who rocked flamingo-pink hair for a year. I enjoy radical change =)

And here's what the DHC foundation looked like today. The finish is LOVE! It's a minimal makeup look today since dark hair washes out my skintone and too much dark e/s makes me look overly gothic.

Here's what I used:

  • DHC Q10 Foundation in Yellow Ocher 01
  • NYX Jar Concealer in Beige
  • Skinfood Ginko Green BB Cream under eyes & on nose
  • Light dusting of EDM pressed powder in Fairly Light Golden

  • DHC Eyebrow Perfect Pro Powder in Copper brown
  • DHC Eyebrow Perfect Pro Pencil in Brown
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner (black) to tightline
  • NYX double sided liner in Beige all over lid
  • Taupe-brown color from ELF Nymph Dreams brightening e/s quad in outer V
  • Gold & Cream e/s from Lancome palette to highlight
  • NYX felt tip liner in dark brown & jet black
  • Light dusting of EDM pressed powder for a faux-nude lip


  1. Wow dark hair looks super great on you! You can totally work any hair color and look awesome though. Glad to hear that the DHC foundation is working well for you.

  2. You are WAY too adorable! I love your hair dark, it makes your skin look gorgeous & the blond chunks are super cute :D

  3. I love your hair! I always wanted peek a boo highlights but I dont know if they'd look good on me =\

  4. the black hair looks cool. pink hair? hehehe i did it in streaks once, and only kept it for about a month.

  5. ohh your hair cut look so kawaii! :D ohh I havent gone dark in a while X3 it suit you very well <3 I love your skin looks glowy and flawless! Im glad you are liking the foundation! yeah you dont need alot since its thick I use my finger tips to tap/pat on the foundation :D

  6. your hair cut and color is gorgeous! looks so cute on you :)

    oooh the dhc foundation makes your skin so flawless!

  7. The new look is so cute. x) I love it.

  8. Wow, your hair looks great!! I need to get my hair done...the color is looking trashy. ;p

  9. Hey girl, not everyone can pull off the peekaboo highlights.. lucky you can ;) love the cut!

  10. look at you rockin' that 'do! haha that rhymes...<3 it though girl! i need to get a haircut but i'm always afriad people are going to butcher it.. i havn't found a good hair dresser yet.

  11. you make me wana give DHC a try yae! and your hair looks really silky.

  12. you have amazing skin! your hair looks great! I wanna get some highlights too but I'm too lazy to get it done. lol

  13. The foundation looks great on you. I had also wanted to purchase DHC but I'm unsure about the color for myself.

  14. Thank you for the comment! i like the clips in your hair! it looks like how my hair is right now =)


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