Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back from Kona, photos & hauls!

I went to Kona on Saturday for my cousin's 1st b-day party... back today to share some pics =)It's great how although we always go the same way to Kona, there's so many different shots you can get on the way . . .

I finally got to go to Target! It just opened recently. It's freaking massive! I've never been in stores this big really lol XD But most everything was kind of pricey! In my opinion at least. I like Walmart prices better XD So I only bought a few things (read on~)

Here's some pictures from my Grandma's house.

Had to pick coffee (they have a farm) which is hot, sticky, dirty work XP There's lots of ANTS and I hate ants -_- but it's satisfying work. ↓ 100% ripe Kona Coffee =)

I love these little lizards, they have such pretty colors~

There's kittens at my grandma's house! There's 3 (plus a mommy cat). It's a Muffin lookalike! Hehe. They are really shy and wary of people though; they're wild.

FULL VIEW THIS ONE lol so you can see how creepy looking it is despite the pretty wings XD It look like those little shrimps XD

On the way home, we saw lots of animals. I was so sad there was this beautiful owl chillin' on a fence but when I tried to get close to take a picture, it stared at me for a few seconds then flew away =( Also saw some fat quails! But they were too fast. THEN! There was this family of about 20 turkeys walking along the road! XD Tried to pull up to get a good pic then they started running in different directions XP So here's a few of them.

And here's what I brought home with me =)

  • Almay eye m/u remover wipes (7 of them!) This stuff is the SH*TTT! Will review soon =)
  • St. Ive's Apricot scrub (2)
  • Pond's Wet Cleansing Towellets (4), like these so far
  • Q-Tips
  • Clean & Clear Morning Burst scrub
  • Dove Cucumber & green tea deoderant
  • Neutrogena Wave (been wanting to test this out & it was on sale; having a love/hate relationship with it - will review)
  • Ibuprofen. I pop this shit like candy.. it's bad habit -_-;;
  • MethodKids 3-in-1 shampoo... shaped like a penguin!! And it's green and smells good :D
  • Shower gel & bath puff for the Mister (not pictured)
  • 2 Pairs of Piper & Blue sandals... I LOVE THEM =)
  • ELF Brightening eyeshadow in Butternut (finally can check that off my list)
  • Pink & Lime green towels for the Mister... only $2.50!! (not pictured)
  • Uniball pens... these are the ish... must try. The ink dries instantly so no smudges like G2s and it "helps prevent check fraud"
  • Kirkland Daily facial cleansing wipes (hope these are good)
  • O'neill Jacket & shorts for the Mister (not pictured)

I love these shoes! They're so cute! But the smallest size they had was a 6 so they're just a smidge too big since I'm usually 5 or 5.5 =( but okay I guess since they're hella cute & comfy♥ I was gonna get another pair of these red pumps but I dropped one on the floor and the heel tip broke off! =( I was hoping they'd give me a discount, but they took it back and said they can't sell it to me because it's "dangerous" Boo.

And I have a "UGH" story to tell you about Ceaser's pizza in Kmart. The workers there barely can speak English :S We ordered one slice of cheese pizza. There were 4 slices out so the lady gave us one and put it in the box. Then this girl walks up to the counter and is like "You guys made a mistake, I asked for 3 SLICES of cheese pizza, not 3 BOXES." They had made her 3 boxes instead of 3 slices. Wtf. So she proceeds to stand there (we're still waiting in line to pay, the cashier taking forever) and tries to explain to the workers that she already got a refund for paying for the boxes and she would just like 3 slices of pizza. The workers are just not getting it for some reason ._. She keeps asking for her 3 slices and they're just saying stuff back about the 3 boxes blah blah blah. She kept repeating herself patiently, but Idk if she ever got her order.

But while we were standing there, the lady that took our order took the remaining 3 slices of pizza that she got ours from and threw them in the trash. Right in front of us. Wtf is that supposed to mean? They were that old/sitting out there that long that you need to throw them away AFTER you gave us one?? We had been waiting in line to pay for over 15 min. at that point. It seemed like the cashier was just not doing anything and it was so crowded and we wanted to leave so we were just like FCK THIS SERVICE and threw the pizza back on the counter and left. UGH.

So how was your weekend? =)


  1. Wow your Kmart Caesar's suck! LOL! Sorry you guys didn't get your pizza.

    I like the Target we have down here, the prices are pretty comparable to Walmart/Kmart and Target has more selection.

    Your pics are gorgeous!! I swear you guys on the Big Island have much prettier views. I guess cuz there's less construction going on.

    And our neighbor got stray kittens we "adopted" lol! We just pour cat food over the fence every nite! He knows they're there, but we feed them! LOL!

  2. Wow wonderful and beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing some of the island's beauty with us. :) Kitties are so cute.

    Ah I find things cheaper at Target sometimes but Walmart is good as well. ^^ They have Hard Candy nail polishes there now. I heard those Almay wipes are really good, got to check them out now, what a fantastic haul! Cute shoes.

    What bad service at the pizza counter. Sorry you had to deal with that. Ah, I remember getting food at Kmart but mostly those slushie drinks.

  3. Great pictures! I love it when beauty bloggers post occasional personal photos giving me glimpses into their lives... and I meant for that to NOT sound creepy -_-;

    I get so infuriated when there is bad service or bad food at a restaurant. Such places have no business being open in the first place, imo. Sorry to hear you had to go through that.

    Oh, and, I'm sure Muffin will soften up much sooner. She's pretty young, isn't she? Bella was over 5 yrs old and a very neglected and unloved cat when I got her. Once she knew for sure that I would always be her mommy, she was able to warm up. I think it took her so long to calm down because she was always scared of being given away again or just neglected.

  4. Oh goodness I love all of the pictures that you posted! :D Your photography skills are just amazing~! I cannot belive you were able to get such a great shot of the butterfly on the flower. I'm always trying to snap pictures of butterflies or dragonflies, and it just never seems to work out for me *boo* lol But I'll marvel in your photo taking skills with envy XD haha.

    And one of the things I love about Hawaii is all of the fowl that you can see! Maybe it's because I'm from mainland, but seeing things like chickens in your backyard & roosters on the beach is just so excited because it's just something I'm totally not used to. LOL Lame? haha, and if you didn't know I'm easily amused, so that probably adds to the excitement. =b

    & Also, nice Haul! I can't wait for the reviews. oOo and you should take pictures of you modeling your new shoes :)

  5. you got to pick coffee? that's so cool! well aside from the ants haha
    nice haul, i need to go to target one day, too bad it's not available in canada

  6. nice pictures! those shoes are so adorable :)

  7. Nice hauls! Ugh I hate being broke... I miss hauling!

  8. Amazing photos! most esp the one with the butterfly, what camera do you use?

    Love the shoes!Im so jealous of your haul.

    What a horrible pizza place!

  9. Nice hauls! You're so on-it with posting your hauls. :S I'm such a slacker when it comes to that...just so! I've been meaning to try the Almay make up remover...hmmm...I think I'll pick me up some :)

    Oh man, sorry to hear about your bad experience at Little Caesers. They're usually pretty good. My friends and I have a tradition that whenever we go to Kona, we stop by there to get the STuffed Crazy Bread with Marinara Sauce...Mmmmm those are sooo yummy!

    Awesome pics! Love the purple flower one! Oh man!--And those darn turkeys! I almost hit one that was in the middle of the road the last time I drove over the Mountain Road. (-.-)

  10. Sorry to hear about the pizza incident. =(

    I love those polka dot shoesies!

  11. wah so pretty!!!

    and also o_o wow! so much stuff that u bought


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