Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad parenting, NOTD, & Puppy pix

Okay, so I just had to share this with you all, since it was really disturbing for me to hear.

Two nights ago, the Mister & I were walking around my block (look Ma, I'm "exercising" XD). A few houses down from mine, we noticed 2 people walking and one pushing a stroller with a babbling kid in it. It was really dark, but I'm pretty sure they were haole (in Hawaii, what we call "white" - NOT trying to be racist, but just saying :/...). So we stopped a bit down the road to watch them, since they were talking really loud. When they got to my house, they LEANED on my car =__=+ and proceeded to talk very loudly.

The kid in the stroller was going on and on in baby-talk, and I guess this irked one of them because out of nowhere the lady just starts yelling, literally yelling at the kid - "SHUT UP! Shut up! I wanna duct tape your mouth shut, you talk too much!" And we're staring like O__o And the lady continues ranting at the kid.

Then they continue to walk down the road, and the lady pauses to yell "MOVE, YOU STUPID CAT!" at a poor cat. Idk if she was having a bad night or what, but jeez, if you don't like kids, DON'T HAVE THEM!!!

Aaanyways, wanted to share my latest NOTD, featuring Essie nailpolish in "Flirty Girl." Thanks Eki :D It's a bright, metallic gold/yellow. Doesn't stand out too much with my skintone but it's still nice~

And here's some gratuitous puppy-whoring XP Here's the names we're focusing on the most now:
  • Mochi (We're having a love/hate with this one lol)
  • Toki (The Mister thought of this one, he likes it)
  • Happy (I still like this one!)
  • Mini (Hmmm, not sure)
  • Lexi (I just thought this one up, kinda like it XD)



  1. SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I say go with Happy if that's what you keep getting drawn too!

    And wtf was up with that lady?! I would've been like.. "HEY GET OFF MY CAR" at the very least. But I can't stand peeps like that... why yell at your kid for nothing?

  2. Wuzzy says go with Happy, but idk... Now that you threw Lexi out there, I really like it. It's such a cute name! :) haha

    But do you mind me asking about the love/hate with the name Mochi?
    Sorry for my curiosity >< =b

    && goodness gracious! I HATE parents who are bad to the kids. It just irks me *shakes head*
    And no worries with using the word haole, my dad actually uses it all the time. LOL

  3. wow... he's so so adorable.. what a sweetie.. I'm liking the names " happy" & " lexi"

  4. ohhh soso cute and adorable.. I'm like the names" lexi and happy" too!!

  5. Super adorable puppy!
    And gah, what's up the that lady?! Yelling at her kid like that and leaning against your car. Shoulda told her offffff

  6. WHOA! The wrong people are having children.
    OMG! I remember being in the mall & this lady yanked her child by HIS HAIR! I was like WTF!

    Cute nail polish color. Aw, that little furball is cute. I like the name Lexi.

  7. sooo adorable, what kinda dog is it?

  8. KAWAII!!!!!! what cute doggy!!!! what is the kind of doggie? OMG very cute!

  9. Hee hee...I am actually partial to "Mochi" b/c I have already decided to name my second dog (whenever I get her :P ) this. But between your picks of "Happy" and "Lexi", I like "Lexi" a wee bit more. :)

    Super cute NOTD and yes, I totally agree that some folks should not be procreating. :(

  10. ERIN! thanks for your comment! and i love the puppy! i think lexi sounds nice but keep me posted as to what you name the cutie patootie! and yes, the strawberry yogurt peel is very gentle as a exfoliator and smells sooooo good! hope everything is good with you and i miss you!

    btw did you get blonde highlights?!

  11. erynn--OMFG i am so retarded and spelled your name wrong. Sorry =(!

  12. Your puppy is so damn cute!


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