Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello all :3 Eki's new site is now open :DD If you haven't already, go check it out and support her awesome and super kawaii/hime designs! ♥♥ She is also having a giveaway featuring Jill Stuart! So if you've ever ordered something from her, be sure to post a testimonial about it to be entered! :3 Love the site Eki & Thank you for everything!

Puppy updates:
She still has no name XD I'm leaning towards another "M" name but not limited to that XD SOme possibilities:
  • Momo
  • Mochi
  • Sushi XD
  • Mini/Minnie (I like this one)
  • Happy (I like this one)
  • Miki
  • Michi
  • Suzi
What do you girls think? =) Suggestions? I'm leaning towards either Mini or Happy... more towards Happy since she's such a happy dog XD Like Happy Gilmore haha XP My mom has been calling her Momo but my dad doesn't like that or any other name I came up with lol.

I also bought the "pee spray" that is suppose to help with training but it hasn't worked so far =( The pee pad is already supposed to have this "attracting" sccent but that doesnt seem to be working either *sigh*
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I'm swamped with projects I should be working on, but as usual, I procrastinate XD


  1. happy or mini are both really cute names! i have a tough time naming my pets too but i just go with whatever pops in my head when i first look at them :)

  2. Mimi is one of our dogs name! It's short for Mini Me! LOL! BUt I like Happy!

  3. Oh my gosh, I must shout out the name MOCHI!! ^__^ I've always wanted to name my future dog either Mochi or Totoro. I'm not sure if Raymond would ever agree with either name, but I'd say go with Mochi :D

  4. When you said Happy, I thought Gilmore Girls too! My friend named her dog Mochi. I thought it was strange lol.

  5. haha, my friend's dog was named Mochi too! She was a rott puppy.

  6. Hi Hun!

    thank you for making a post about my store! :D

    I like the name mochi!! XD looks fluffy like mochi too :)

  7. I think my 2 fav names are mini and miki from the list! they're both adorable, and I'm sure whatever name you pick will be great for your pup!

  8. Hey, yeah I could make them with silver ball studs. And even with white or brown shells instead of the greenish-turquoise...whatever that color would be called. lol. Were you interested in buying a pair? I haven't really given much thought as to how much I'd sell them for though...

  9. Yeah sure, a swap sounds great! How about we hold off on it for a bit though because I'm still waiting on some supplies to come in to make some more shell earrings, and I'm trying to get my blog sale up ASAP. Hmm and I think I'd like a black strap. :D Thanks!

  10. I love all the names you are considering! Hmm I like Happy and Momo a lot. :)

    Ah house training puppies is hard. Good luck!


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