Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Julu Jewelry! ♥ Aaand...

My package from Steph from Julu Jewelry came in yesterday!! We're also swapping our handmade love, sorry Steph that I'm taking so long to get it sent >_< I'm going to send it out tomorrow though~

I swapped her some charms for this gorgeous necklace ♥

So pretty ! ! Thank you so much Steph! If you haven't already, be sure to check out her website and take a look at all her stunning pieces =)

Also, I finally decided to put Eki's keyfob on my phone ♥ So I am taking extra careful care of it XD

Aaaand . . .

Hello world!

We have a new family member! =) It's a girl but her squishy pink parts did seem a bit 'inappropriate' to show XD She needs a name!!!


  1. Ah pretty jewelry!

    hehe the puppy is soo gorgeous, I love her eyes and how fluffy she is. She's so small like a teddy bear, LOL at the heart censor. I should do that with Brody but he's just shameless and flaunts his goodies all around.

  2. Very pretty necklaces!! And AWWWWWW!! She's sooo cute!! Like a little poof!! :) Remember POPPLES?! For some reason even though she's not cured into a ball her fur reminds me of that! :)

  3. the necklace is so pretty!! ^^
    is that a dog?? uwaaa.. so cute.. ^^

  4. Cute necklace!

    Awwww, she's so cuuuuuuuuute!
    I want a Yorkie, but don't want to clean up after it. lol

  5. bahahhahha cute puppy !!omg i wanna have a puppy !loll
    no serously look at her eyes,watch out !im stealing her tonight !hahahahha
    and the love sign,like nipple slip in gossip magazines.hahahha

  6. HAHA that totally gave me a good laugh! She is a total cutie! ugh.. makes me really want a puppy =(

  7. aww cute puppy. what kind of dog is that?

  8. omg the doggie is so adorable!!! the stuff from juju jewelry is really cute too

  9. OMG, your little puppy is so cute! What breed is she?

  10. O-M-G! Does your new baby have a name? And what breed is she? She is TOO adorable! :)

    Love your necklace and your phone is totally cute and blingy with your Eki key fob!

  11. awww.. she's uber cute i love pets =) hmmm.. im gonna name her "Sparkle" =)

  12. I'm glad you got it safely! I would swap my sister for your charms, hahahaha! jk!


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