Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kona pics

I'm back again from Kona, I think I'll be going there every weekend for the next 2 months lol XD The coffee on my grandparent's farm is super ripe and ready for picking =)

And here's some other photos I took while I was there.

Here's the other two kitties! They're so cute but they don't like people XP

The Kona sunset is always beautiful. I couldn't get a good picture though :(

And I was eating these Spongebob gummies while I was there.
Since when does Squidward play the accordion??

Also, check out HAPPY MOMENTS! A blog that Mai started to share some, well, happy moments! Things to make you smile & laugh ^__^ You can even become a contributor! Click the link below for some happies =)


  1. haha i always thought squidward only played the clarinet. ??

    Don't you just love it when you can have/find food that are oraganic without having to pay a pennie?? And wow those are some really nice micro shot that you took. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. Amazing pics girl!! Love it!! Oahu is soo populated and whatnot now.. that kind of nature is farther and farther away! :(

  3. waaa these kittens are so cute :)
    nice nature pictures :)

  4. wow, what camera are u using sweetie?? those are really clear macro shots!

  5. The accordion?? Everyone knows it's the clarinet! Duh! LOL I love Spongebob & am always referencing it and somehow trying to relate reallife situations to Spongebob episodes XD LOL One of my quirks! HAHA

    & I just cannot wait to see how the Happy Moments blog evolves :D I haven't thought of anything to add to it yet, but I think it's just the best idea :)

  6. OMG your pictures are gorgeous!!! I love them!


  7. Hey hey, thanks for joining the project and spreading Happy Moments :D

    It turns out that my CV boots are completely hashed (been like that awhile apparently (-.-;;)). :( But luckily the axle's fine, just gotta replace the boots. :) Hopefully it'll be back on the road by next week. Thanks for asking :)

    Yeah I totally want that Eat! shirt! :D It's so awesome. I love the prints that Kym comes out with.

  8. Oops, totally hit "Post" without meaning to.

    Love the pictures!! Especially the ones of the bee and the kitties. :)

  9. MK - I know right!! And Kellog's made this! They better get their facts straight haha

    Wuzzy - Thanks! Mmmm I know what you mean :( But I love going there for the shopping XD

    Aralka - Thank youuu :D

    Blovet - Thanks! It's a cybershot. Surprises most people lol

    Dana - I quote SB a lot XD we are quirky hehe. I agree, hope Happy Moments grows!

    Bunnie - Thank you ♥

    Mai - Boo, were they just gunked up? Or torn too? As long as axles not clicking >_< *knocks on wood for mine* XD Hope everything goes well! And thanks hehe the bee was especially lethargic so I had an easy time taking pix of it XP

  10. Gorgeous pictures of Kona, thank you for sharing. Those cats are so cute...


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