Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Over the top?!

Is my blog over the top? Hehe. Two lovely ladies, Miss Maisee (L-M-X) & Lisa (Shop N Chomp) gave me this award! Thank you :D

I have to answer each question with just one word. Haaard XD

Where's your cell phone: Desk

Your hair: Black

Your mother: Short

Your father: Tall

Favorite Food: Variety

Dream last night: None

Favorite drink: Water

What room are you: Living

Hobby: Designing

Fear: Loss

Where were you last night: Home

Something that you aren't: Perfect

Muffins: Muffin!

Wish list item: Wealth XD

Where did you grow up: H-TOWN

What are you wearing: Clothes

Your pets: 3

Friends: Missed :(

Something you're not wearing: Socks

Favorite store: Online

Favorite color: Lime

Last time you laughed: Now

Your best friend: Mister

Place you go to over and over: Home

Person who emails you regularly: Subscriptions

Favorite place to eat: Jimmy's

Anyone who wants to do this tag, DO IT!!!

And thanks everyone for all the comments about puppy =) She's a maltese-pom and very well-behaved, friendly, and playful. Muffin pretty much ignores her and is still up to her regular vicious attacking ways, luckily she hasn't attacked puppy and seems a biiiit wary but mostly indifferent towards her. She sits and watches and follows her around but doesn't try to pounce on her or anything. Puppy just wants to play with her but Muffin walks away. I do feel that she might think puppy is a little furry rat or something though :/

Puppy still doesn't have a name :P And I'm having troubles potty training her... anyone have any tips? I have those pee-pad things and I always put her on them after she eats/drinks but she always ends up going on the floor =(


  1. Nice tag! And can't help you on the training. Idk how we got our doggies to do it. A lot of discipline though.

  2. Nice tag answers. Your puppy is cute beyond belief. ^^

  3. hehehe.. I liked how u described ur mom and dad. Tall and short! hehe

  4. Nice answers <3 Thank you for your comment.
    Your puppy is so cute. She should have a very cute name I think <3 :D

  5. Congratulations! You most def deserve award.

    About the puppy and the pad, in order for her to actually go pee on it you have to either buy a pee spray from the petstore or whenever she pees you can just use the pad for her to smell. She'll make a habit on peeing on it in time.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Aw, puppy sounds so cute. :) Wish I could help you in the wee wee department but when we got our little one she was already potty-trained. I'm sure some of the other girls probably will have useful tips though. I have no clue why but "Muffins: Muffin!" made me laugh. :D And is "H-Town" Hawaii or some other place?

  7. i love reading surveys and congrats on receiving two awards on here. :)

  8. hehe my favourite stores are online too :D Yeah sorry can't help you about training your puppy- For my rabbit when he was younger after he eats I never let him out for an hour just so he knows to "do his thing" is there, and I spank him when he used to do it outside his cage. Have a great weekend!

  9. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Your puppy is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That made my Friday. That and the fact that I took the day off :)

    Congrats on your award :)


  10. Hey Erynn! Thanks for answering my q! My hubs and I want to visit Hawaii next year. Which island would be a good place for first time visitors to go? xoxo


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