Wednesday, October 7, 2009


it's literally like having a shapeless little lump running around the place XD I picked her cus she was the runt of the litter :3


  1. OMG too cute!!! I love puppies, congrats on the new family member! She so adorable, what's her name?

    If you are worried about fleas, please check out Advantage or Frontline. worked wonders on Brody when he had them from the shelter.

  2. Hello ^^
    I'm new on your blog and I like it.
    Your pet is so so cute <333 I want to hug her.

  3. hahaah that's the cutest little lump i've ever seen! ;P and look at her scratch! she's scratching at like 100 miles an hour! haha!

  4. awww a puppy and a kitty?!?! you're a busy mom now!! congrats om your geo test, i have so much to catch up reading on your blog!! And lovely jewelry from juju and eki <3 sooo adorable! Thanks for posting my giveaway and hope school is going well :D

  5. omg hahahaha how cute! how is muffin taking the new family member?


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