Thursday, November 19, 2009


Apparently, this is how some people stumble upon my blog. By searching "model nsfw" and "brenda song nude" I guess that's a little better than googling my full name. Okay, so I know I have some nsfw pix of hot girls floating around on here, but I sure as hell know I don't have any pics of Brenda Song in the buff. Trust me, I'd know if I did!

Now I'm not saying I don't love drooling over hot naked girls as much as the next guy (haha) but still, I found this pretty hilarious. Or maybe they are just following Julie's tips for "blogging purposes"? (; Naughty naughty, I know where you live!


PS - does anyone use bing? I've never tried it before but I think their commercials are funny!


  1. thanks for making my day, hahaha

  2. Oh man that's way to funny. Amazing where you can find yourself categorized on the web!

    I haven't used bing, i'm a hardcore googler. LOL!

  3. OMG! LOL That is funny! I wonder what comes up for me! LOL!

  4. Oh boy...hahaha! The sage continues I see. Hmmm...the only time I use Bing is when I want to buy something on eBay so I can get the cashback thing.

  5. P.S Thanks for entering my giveaway! Ooh, hope you get your Juicy bag sweets! :)

  6. hahaha lol....thats funny

    i use bing sometimes.....but lol...i never knew it was funny ^__^

    thanks for sharing! havent talked to u in a while, talk to u soon~

    have a great weekend!!!

  7. ahhahaahahhaha... i want to get feedjit now!!

    i dont use bing, im a friend to google... wow i just sounded really nerdy there. snort.


  8. lmao @ anne's comment! i don't use bing either.. doesn't bring up many useful sources like google does for me; hilarious post :)

    and i totallllyyy agree with your "what's wrong with ppl" comment. I ASK THE SAME QUESTION!

    anyways. loveee the slideshow at the side of you and your mans; so cute! and HAPPY & MUFFIN what adorablee names :) :)

  9. hahaha... well, people land on my blog while searching for asian spanking! that's pretty hilarious ..


  10. haha..a good one!tats y i like feedjit.tats how me n fren found out bout the person whos been stalkin me & spamming my chatbox.


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