Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving tag, Craft fair pix, haul

Some clarification from my 10 beauty facts post:
  • HG Status means "Holy grail" status! So I only consider a few of Neutrogena's products to be total must-haves for me =)
  • Okay I kind of fibbed, well I don't own any MAC now, but I have tried in the past. I was not too impressed by their eyeshadows :X Yes, they are nice but I've used the same/better for a fraction of the price! I also tried one of their compact foundations... I don't know what it was but it was thick and sticky and cakey and I hated it. Of course, I would LOVE to try more MAC products in the future, especially their brushes and Studio Fix Fluid foundation + concealer, and lippies! But I wish it wasn't so pricy!
Emily ( tagged me to do her Thanksgiving "What are you thankful for?" tag! Really got me thinking...

What am I thankful for?
  • My family & friends
  • The Mister
  • Happy, Muffin, and Mr. Turtle
  • A roof over my head
  • Warm blankets, hot water, & my space heater
  • Food to eat!!! Especially comfort food... soup & icecream!
  • Relatively good health (knock on wood)
  • My car... even though the list of work to do is neverending
  • My job & our family business
  • $$$ to buy the things I want =)
  • Scholarships!!!
  • Music... can't live without it
  • Good books
  • Technology... even if Vista drives me FCKING NUTZ
  • All you lovely blogger babes, of course (;
What are YOU thankful for?

Anyways, we labored over preparing and participating in the craft fair we went to, which was on friday & saturday. Here's what our booth looked like!

I was really surprised! We did really well! :D It was super tiring though to be there the whole time -_- lots of work, but great rewards =) I did some shopping while I was there:
  • Mini Konad stamper kit
  • Konad Nail polish remover -- SMELLS SOOOO GOOD! Like strawberry candy ♥
  • Super cute nail art stickers!

Also picked up some cutie earrings, since one of my DSK butterflies broke when I was taking it off =[

And here's my order that I got awhile ago. Been using a couple of the products lately... so reviews are in order! I really liked the Queen Helene Mint Julep masque that I bought awhile ago, so I figure I might as well try all their other products, since they are so affordable! Loving them so far!
  • Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Natural Facial Scrub
  • Queen Helene Oatmeal N Honey Natural Facial Scrub (Kalmo's review persuaded me!)
  • Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque
  • Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque -- MY FAVORITE!!!
  • Cleo yogurt bar soap (red fruits)
  • ELF Nail polish remover pads -- love these, need more
  • ELF Shine eraser -- needed cheap oil blotting paper
  • Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
  • ELF Moisturecare lip color in Natural Blush
  • ELF Brightening eyeshadow quad "Drama" -- been wanting this!

Been wanting this one for awhile now, as always, great pigmentation!

Natural blush is a hideous color on me IMO. It's like... a dull dusty rose/mauve color. It makes me look dead. I'm trying to love it... but I just don't -_- Doesn't look so bad in the pic.. but in real life, it's yuck-O. Too bad, since I actually can stand the texture, and the smell isn't too bad either. The finish is really nice! I think I'll try different shades next time.


  1. nice drugstore haul!! ooh those elf wipes sound good

    i've been painting my nails a lot these days so will need it!

  2. NIce little haul! Is it cheaper on

    Your booth looked great! I was thinking about you guys when I went to the big Caroline's Craft Fair yesterday. There's a lot of Wabi-Sabi, but nothing like your stuff! :)

  3. nice haul! :D I've been thinking about making my order but I dunno...kinda don't really wanna spend much money right now, ya know? haha. oh well, gotta mull it over a little more. ;)

    The booth looked awesome! I was gonna check out that craft fair, I ended up crashing out after shopping instead. I probably missed out on alot of great stuff :( Cute earrings!

    Re: yeah a majority of Korean dramas are those stupid funny ones. When I first started watching Goong, I didn't really care for it that much cuz the female protagonist is one of those airhead type of girls, but after a while the story stuck to me. lol. I couldn't wait to see what happened. I do prefer the Japanese and Taiwanese dramas tho :P Which Japanese ones have you watched? I never really did get into Bi. I saw a few dance videos with him in it, but eh. :S I was kinda crushin' on Ryo Nishikido from Attention Please (and NEWS) but then I realized I was pretty much just crushin' on his character in Attention Please. lol. But then again, he doesn't look too bad without his shirt one. (>_<)

    Yeah, I was wondering if the Duo was the same or better than the regular Wave. I'm so tempted to just get the green Wave, but *sigh* I'm also tempted to see how well the 2nd level of the Duo is...I think I might get it and try it out. Have you seen the prices of the refills on They're not too bad :)

    Did you get to put in your Aero order? I got an email saying Wet Seal's having a Cyber Monday sale too! 20% off & free shipping!

  4. "even if Vista drives me FCKING NUTZ"...LMAO! Love your list, babycakes. :) Your booth looks sooo nice. Yay to you guys doing super well!

    Your new earrings are so sparkly and cute! And oh I want a Konad pretty bad...hee hee.

  5. OoOo I can't wait to see Ninja Assassin!! Yeah, Haruto! :P Loved his character in 1 Litre too, but he had a much more "cool" vibe in Attention Please. haha ;P

    Oh don't worry about the charms! It's okay, take your time :) The Swarovski hearts still haven't come in yet :S I'm kinda annoyed. It's taking a while. haha. Aw well, guess it's that time of the year again. :P As soon as those come in, I'll make your earrings and send them out :)

    Oh no! You don't have to send me a sample of the sunscreen! It's so expensive! Oh! Speaking of IQQU though, did you see IQQU's site lately? They're having a Cyber Monday sale from Nov 27th-30th and their products are $25 (with $5 shipping instead of $8). I think I'm gonna order the sunscreen! I need some new sunscreen anyways. :D Oh and about the Face toner...that's so weird. I actually had that sitting in my virtual cart for Sephora last time I was there! lol. It's pretty cheap at $10, so if you say it's good, I'll probably just have my mom pick it up when she goes to Oahu next :) I'd definitely appreciate the EDM foundation though. I ordered a few other samples from them just recently, but they haven't come in yet :S

    Oh man, maybe it's a good thing I didn't go to the fair. I would have been SO TEMPTED to buy some earrings!!! lol!

    Yeah the MSF is really good, even at their price. It's lasting me a really long time too...although, I don't use it everyday...but...I think I've used it for equivalent to over half a month and it still looks like I haven't touched it. :D

  6. No prob :) Oh yeah, I was looking at the rice scrub too. Was thinking about getting it but I'm gonna try to stay away from skin whitening products for a while. I'm becoming so pale! I need to go to the beach :(

  7. I totally forgot about queen helene! I've maxed out my US shopping so I'll have to wait for the next round to get those fabulous masques and scrubs. thanks for the recs!

  8. wow... the elf eyeshadows look very pigmented! even more than I expected it to be:)

  9. loveee those earrings! so shiny! hehe I'm thankful for my family and friends as well. And money to buy things! Whoever says money doesn't bring you happiness is definately buying the wrong stuff! LOL. And yeah I agree with your comment, I don't trust many people anymore either compare to back when I was a teen, I guess that's part of growing up eh!?

  10. I like your little list of things you're thankful for! and the butterflies are so cute!


  11. Ah, thank you for the clarification!

    The shine eraser sounds cool. I've been wanting to try more of elf's products--I know Target has some of their stuff so I'll have to check it out there.

  12. Great haul! Please review the Queen Helene products! I've seen them at this Beauty Supply store near where I live, but was hesitant to buy them because I haven't seen many people talk about Queen Helene products other than the Mint Julep Masque.

  13. aww..thanks so so much for doing my tag!!! your so sweet, and making a list of the things your thanksful of, how creative! love the list....! haha music..definitely i cant live w/out it too!!I'm thanksful for you and your blog!!!

    wow, a craft fair how fun! I'd gotta try thos konad stamp nail things, they look so fun! >_<....hmmm...those new earrings r pretty tho! :D and nice haul

    how was your thanksgiving?

    have a wonderful day! talk to u soon~

  14. Love Queen Helene too and I found a $1.00 off coupon at



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