Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello loves! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Turquoise iKandy ♥
Here's a recent EOTD I did to match my new iKandy shirt ♥ My camera pretty much sucks at picking up the actual color vibrancy. Again, I use a lot of ELF brightening e/s quads... and YES, they are super pigmented for only $1!

What I used:

1. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - highlight below brow
2. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - above crease on outer lid
3. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph Dreams) - All over lid
4. ELF Brightening e/s (Drama) - darken outer V
5. L'Oreal Lineur Intense (black mica) - line lashline
6. Rimmel Exaggerate (black) - line lashline & waterline
7. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil (Zero) - to tightline & line waterline
8. NYX Jar concealer (beige) - under eye area
9. Salon Perfect falsies
10. DHC Eyebrow perfect powder (brown)
11. Physician's Formula brow pencil (dark brown)

Swatches coming soon...

And here's some lovely gifts I got for xmas that I will be swatching soon!
  • Sephora Collectors Edition Palette
  • Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit
  • Generic brand palette -- it's actually really pigmented yay!

What the Mister "bought" me for xmas... not really cuz I put in for part of it :P At least he wraps nicely... with penguins of course ^__^ ♥

I will go Type R... eventually XP

Mail love from Marie ♥
I also was a winner of Marie's ELF giveaway! Soooo many goodies! I've tried out a few things and wanna play around with the ELF eye transformer. Btw, girl is on her way to getting hitched to her sweetheart, isn't that awesome! ♥ Wishing you and your hubs all the best, love! If you haven't checked out Marie's blog yet, go for it!

Oh, and Muffin says hello. ♥


  1. ur cat's eyes are like saucers ahah...

    ur bottom lashes looks heaps long!!

    Nice haul ^^

    Happy New Year (and belated merry xmas?) hehe

  2. you make me wana try their quad since you mentioned its really pigment..

    nice x'mas gift you got.. try out the UD polish, i was almost near to buying them.

  3. Hello Muffin! ;) Wow, such great X'mas pressies you received! Love your EOTD. If I recall correctly, I think you mentioned having probs putting on falsies. Sure doesn't look like it! :D You look gorgeous.

  4. Awe man, I'm so jealous!! I begged my mom to get me that Sephora Collectors Edition Palette and she never did ... I'm sad. Lol, ur so lucky!!

  5. You are lucky you have a double eyelid!! I'm jealous!
    Muffin is the cutest. Reminds me of Puss in Boots. LOL!
    For Palty, do you want Light, Dark or Blonde?

  6. I like elf eyeshadows :)
    Pretty look! :)

    awww... muffin is just adorable! <3

  7. helloo muffin!!! :)

    loving the eyecandy!
    Happy nye erynn!


  8. The EOTD looks great! I wish I had your pretty lids! *envy* THose falsies look so natural on you too!

    Nice gifties! :) Xmas is love! LOL! MUFFIN!!! How's she doing now? Any better?

  9. awww Muffin's sooo cute!! <3

    looove the green e/s on you! anddd ditto about cameras not picking up the colours... ive pretty much given up on fotd's because of it.. it gets soo frustrating! soo now i just blog about food and pooping lol ahhahaha

    Happy holidays Erynn :))


  10. Love the eye look - very pretty! And oh man, Muffin is so freaking cute but I am totally enamored of that penguin wrapping paper!!! I looooove penguins and the gift wrap is just too cute! I wish I could find cute wrapping paper like that!!!

  11. Loving the look! & your cat is sooooooooooooo adorable! Say hi to it for me please ^.~ LOL


  12. LOL! The look on Muffin's face looks like Muffin got caught doing something naughty hehe.
    Have a great new year Erynn & have fun at January sales ;D. xx

  13. I want the apocalyptic!! GR, so jealous right now! :) Everything in the posts looks lovely though <3


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