Sunday, December 13, 2009

Honey & Green Geo Twins overview

These lenses are from Geo Eye Candy ♥ (she doesn't have the Twins listed atm)

These lenses are BRIGHT, BOLD, & VIBRANT. I have finally found circle lenses that the color shows up really welL! Yay! I also have Geo Angels (green & brown) and Ash Wings. The color does not show up very well for any of those, except when the light catches it a certain angle / in pictures but not in natural light (reviews can be found in my sidebar)

The only thing about these lenses are that they are not as comfortable as the Angels & Wings series. They also do not enlarge as much as those either, but I actually prefer that because they are more "natural" and less "dolly" Another thing is that I can see slight halos of color when I wear these lenses. That did not happen with the others. Overall though they are still more comfortable than my perscription Acuvue contacts and give a great pop of color to my eyes.

Geo Honey Twins

The color shows up super bright honey brown! I feel like a lizard-cat-vampire when I wear these. The color is so INTENSE! I thought it would be a more muted brown, but well, I guess I got what I asked for in color showing up XD I don't think these are something I would wear everyday, the color trips even ME out when I look at myself in the mirror. Getting used to them... but they are pretty animal sexy I must admit (;

Geo Green Twins

These are super pretty! The color still shows up distinctly, but it is a lot more muted and actually more natural looking than the Honeys. They're kinda bluey-green with a gold halo around the pupil. I could wear these daily.


Here's my skin after using the iQQU Jasmine Rice Scrub only 2x - yesterday night and this morning. LOVE so far! Definitely makes my skin smooth and glowy. Still iffy about the mineral oil though.


  1. oooh im loving those green ones!!

  2. those lenses are pretty intense! I quite like the green ones on you :)

  3. Ooh, I LOVE the green ones! And if the mineral oil is in a scrub that you're washing off well, I doubt it'll even have a chance to clog your pores (though you do want to be careful and wash WELL). =)

  4. Hey thanks for replying ^^ Have you tried Dolly Eyes? apparently colour intense but twins looks (imo) a bit more natural? IDK lol hvn't tried either one...

    OH! the honey's are so TWILIGHTY lol

  5. OoOo looove the green ones! Hmmm...I haven't worn color contacts in a while. Makes me wanna go out and buy some. lol. But! Shopping ban. Booo.

    And your car looks great! :D

  6. ohhhh woooowww your skinn is practically glowing! it's absolutely flawless ;) if that scrub can get me those results i'm sold!

    and yessss the greens look beautiful on you :) i had similar hazel-ish ones several years ago and i couldn't wear them daily either :/

  7. Honey is LOVE!! I wish I wasn't so blind, so I could wear colored contacts!! LOL! My colors to try would be the honeys, ambers, and grays! LOL!

  8. wow those really show up on you my dear!! I want someeee :D

  9. thanks for the review, I'm now a follower of your beauty blog and I'm lovin it :) I love the color green :) It fits you! Hope you visit my blog too :) Thanks!


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