Saturday, December 19, 2009

I hate this weather

As most of you know, I hate cold weather and rain with a passion. And it has been pouring rain, wind, lightning, thunder... and this afternoon, HAIL at my house. I have only seen hailstones on one other occasion (mind you, I live in Hawaii). Yeah, they're not huge cantalope-sized rocks, but to me, it's still an extremely strange sight to see.

This "lake" popped up in my backyard within half an hour or so. The water was literally millimeters away from coming into my house X_x luckily, the rain slowed for a bit and the water receded. I'm used to this kind of thing happening, but it is always scary nonetheless, especially since we just got our studio extension to the back of our house finished and don't want that to get flooded.

The weather was so bad today, they closed one of the roads going to my house because a telephone pole fell, and there was also a bad 3 car accident near my house. Three smashed cars, but luckily I don't think anyone was hurt. Hawaii people, please stay safe and warm! ^^

Also, the worst thing happened to me last night.

I was at home alone, heating up oil on the stove (I had done the exact same thing the night before) but by whatever misfortune, I left the oil alone for 5 minutes and the next thing I know there was a POOF and all of a sudden, an orange glow behind me. It didn't register for a couple seconds... that the oil was on FIRE. Not a little fire... a BIG blazing fire.

The actual fire lasted for maybe 30 seconds. I took 5 seconds just staring in shock before I realized I have to put this shit out. Fuck. First though on my mind: Happy stays in the kitchen and Muffin is recouperating from surger in her carrier = Complete and total panic mode. So I sprinted into the kitchen, knocked over a kiddie gate & rolling cart full of food in the process, raced to grab a lid from the cabinet and took another 5 seconds trying to put the lid on the pot without getting burned.

The smoke alarm was going crazy and the house was filling with smoke, I was coughing and my eyes were burning and I had to grab a chair to stand on to yank the battery out of the alarm cuz I'm so fucking short. Then run around the whole damn house opening windows and doors and turning on fans to help clear the smoke.

My house was a disaster zone. Full of smoke and everything strewn all over the floor. Plus, Happy had gotten out of the kitchen. I spent 1o minutes panicking and screaming for her, until she popped out in the corner of my room, which I had searched 3 goddamn times.

Needless to say, I spent the next several hours coughing, my chest hurting, and my eyes burning with my (typical asian) parents yelling about how the whole thing was somehow my fault, rather than being glad that the house was intact and I was alive -__-;;

Why the oil caught on fire, Idk. I heated it up the same way I did the night before, and the night before, I ended up with fries, not flames. Mang, I just wanted some dinner. I'm just glad the house didn't burn down. Only now I am scared to use the stove again.


  1. That happened to me when I was like 11! That episode when Psyduck turned to Golduck. I was making waffles in our half broken toaster and I was totally NOT paying attention. It caught on FIRE!
    I ran to tell my mom the toaster was on fire instead of doing anything myself. -___-
    I tend to do stupid things when I'm in shock.

    Glad everything was okay though. LOL for the typical asian parents! Good lord that is A LOT of rain. Oahu is just freezing cold. Not much rain and I've never seen hail before! That's so strange!

  2. awww hun I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you are okay though... That is freaking scary!!!
    Actually I have a similar experience. I was in a hurry to eat my instant kimchi bowl soup and stupid meee left the metal fork in the soup bowl and put it in the microwave. Woman let me tell you, not only was it on fire in there, but there was lighting in that microwave it was blue and pretty, but I got one long and loud scolding from my mama haha.... I was like in shock for 5 seconds too lol just watching the microwave i never saw anything like it lol....

  3. o gosh i'm so glad you didn't get hurt!!! i totally burned a wok last month and left it out in the patio to cool off. i then forgot about it b/c i hadn't been out on the patio b/c it was too cold. rain fell and then we had freezing weather for a few weeks. the rainwater froze in the wok -_-; so the wok had this mound of ice coming out of it LOL. boyfriend was like, "our 'birdbath' is frozen over..."

    the weather's been miserable all month here. haven't seen the sun this whole time T_T here's to sunnier days for both of us!!

  4. AHAHAHA I'm sorry but that TOTALLY happened to me a few years back. And yes it was FRIES too XD

    Apparently, oil do catch on fire. I am slightly unluckier cuz my fire didn't go out at all and only grew each second till it can put Goku's fireball to shame. Completely singed the roof and the walls :C

    My parents were out and my neighbors spotted it and were screaming their heads off while I was still defrosting fries in the inner kitchen unawares. They managed to put it out in the end.

    One tip: Put out oil fires by adding more oil until the flame disappears. NEVER add water because it would only aggravate it further or cause an explosion. I know this because thankfully my neighbor was a chef so he knew what to do :P

  5. awwww dear seriously??geezz thanks god nothing terrible happened !awww

  6. oh my... good thing you noticed the fire fast and nothing else got burned! ahh... typical asian parents. I totally know what you mean. lol

    it's been raining quite a lot these days too on this side of the globe...

  7. OMG! I'm glad everyone is okay!
    I'd be hella paranoid and freaked out after that.

    I hate rain too.... ruins my days usually.
    At least your not snowed in haha.
    Don't worry! Your days will get better love, I'm happy your still alive and not gingerbread burnt :(

  8. Yikes!! That sounds so scary. >.< Well as long as you and your pets are safe, THAT'S what matters most importantly. (I can totally relate to the Asian parents

    I remember when I was 12 and put a bag of brownies into the microwave and it caught on fire. My sister and I panicked and quickly threw it into the sink lol.

    Hope you're feeling better, enjoy your Sunday. ^_^
    p.s. I have a blog now so you can visit when you have time. :)

  9. oh no Erynn, your story really scared me! I can't imagine why it would have turned into flames.. but I'm glad to hear you subdued it and everything is alright. Really hope it never happens again.. I know I would freak out like crazy if it happened :(

  10. wow that sounds scary, i'm so glad that you are alright! yikes, maybe something fell into the oil?

  11. omg such a terrifying experience!! i honestly would not have known what to do had that happened to me! glad your safe though!! im sure your parents were too... underneath all the yelling ;)


  12. i hate rain also! i hate getting wet -___-;;

    omg im soo glad you`re okay! ive done that before too in my apartment. i have electric stoves, so there wasnt any actual flames.

  13. note to self: do not go to hawaii in december! haha! ;P

    and ERYNNN!!! ACKH! so glad you are okay... the house is okay... hopefully you had some dinner after that fiasco!!! =S That's really weird that that would happen when you did the same thing the night before?!?!?

  14. Oh man, good to hear you and your house is okay :S That's some scary stuff.

    Yeah, the weather was crazy. Thank gosh it cleared up in the afternoon....and then I left Hilo. lol. Wish it had been sunny for the whole weekend, but oh well. That bit of sunshine felt great!

  15. eeks... scary story, but I'm glad you are ok though!

    It's cold alright, and snowy! I like the snow, as long I'm inside the house :P


  16. Okay that's scary! I'm glad that you were able to contain the fire and that everyone pets incl are safe! And also your house is okay! :)

    As for the rain... We're not getting any down here, so I don't know what's up! LOL!


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