Thursday, December 10, 2009

JOY!!! & other life ramblings (:

Hello loves & new followers!Hope you are all having a super week so far. Done with finals I hope :P The good thing about Art is that I have no finals really, just final projects which are more fun than anything to complete.

The JOY for me is that I got the highest grade in my digital art class! 104% :DDD I am so proud of myself lol. Our final project was to create a flash greeting card. I learned that Flash CS4 Extended is a bitchass program that hates me. For whatever reason, mine had a glitch that not even the teacher could figure out. Anyways, my card was super plain but I think it turned out okay for my first time using this program.
You can view it here:

Here is an earlier Photoshop project. We had to create a cereal box for a cereal called "Rainbow Rings" that appeals to kids & moms and contains all information found on cereal boxes. This is the final perspective. I did not have an orange, so I used a lemon and turned it into an orange :P

Breakdown of this picture:
  • Set up a scene in which you can place an actual cereal box
  • Wrap the cerealbox in white paper so you can edit easier later
  • In Photoshop, place cerealbox elements onto the "blank" cerealbox canvas so that it looks real!
  • I created the front, top, and side nutrition facts in Photoshop.
  • I created my own font text for "Rainbow Rings" because I couldn't find a font I liked
  • The cereal, bowl, spoon are all pictures I took of actual items
  • Each cereal piece is individually colored in Photoshop (they are cheerios)
  • I made the milk in Photoshop
I really liked this project (:
PS - Did you ever notice how FAKE milk looks on cereal boxes??? We learned this from taking pix of cereal to get ideas.


  1. I used to be a computer nerd! :D I don't know what happened though... ahah! :) I wish I still was because I don't even know how to tweek my layout anymore -___-"

    Good job on your cereal box! Your milk looks just as fake as the ones on real boxes ^_^ I think that's a job well done!

  2. wowwww youre soooo talented Erynn!! i would sooo buy rainbow rings cereal if they sold it lol. such a great packaging! it doesnt look like a school project at all :)


  3. LOL fake milk. Never paid enough attention! LOL!

    Your card was super cute! I love the ballons and confetti! Congrats on a grade well earned! :)

  4. You did an amazing job! It's very gorgeous hun!

  5. so creative! I love all the little details you have on the box. yeah, milk just isn't exciting on it's own I guess. congrats on the grade!

  6. ERYNNN TANIMOTO YOU TALENTED LADY YOU!!!! I LOVE IT ALL! the greeting card, the cereal box! ahhhh, you are amazing! keep at it and congrats on getting the highest mark... you even surpassed 100%! haha! ;P you rock!

  7. well done you! that box box design looks quite nice!

    yeah the milk in cereal boxes do look fake, but then if they used real milk then the cereals would've been soggy before you'd have taken the photo. ^_^


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