Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Hawaii blogger love ♥ & some life stuff

Lol, it has been perpetual christmas this week!

Swapped again with Serenie (I seriously ♥ this girl ^^) Since I could not find any more of my beloved Rimmel Exaggerate liner, she got me some from Oahu :D It's different packaging than the one I have (I think mine is the old verison, that's why I cannot find this one here?), it also has a smudger~ She also gave me some Hard Candy nail polish! So kawaii! THank you so much! ♥

Still as soft, smooth, dark, & long lasting as I remember it ♥

Then I bought some stuff from Mai's blog sale! This is why I love Hawaii bloggers, cuz packages come the next day ^^ I've been curious about this Almay foundation and have always wanted NYX lipstick in Circe. Thank you Mai!!

I am so totally amused by how this foundation changes color! Haha! Have not tried it on my face but here it is on my hand. Right side blended. Soft, light, smooth coverage so far. It's super liquidy! Surprised me, a whole lot more than I expected came out.

This is Circe. It's super nude on me, great for layering gloss over.


Circe w/ F21 Vial lipgloss in Rose layered over


What's good??? It's my third day on Loestrin and my skin is 50% less oily. My hair is not oily anymore either. Joy! YAZ, YOU SUCK! I hope things get better as time goes on! *crosses fingers* I hope I have found my "successful" pill this time around cuz I sure as hell do not wanna try any more -_-

We are also going through the 7 CIRCLES OF SHIPPING HELL atm so we're pretty stressed out making arrangments... If you don't know what I'm talking about, click. Plus although I am done with classes, I still have one online test tomorrow for Geography. I'm on my 8th page of notes studying -_- Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. let us know more how well the pill is working for you. i'm looking for a new b.c.! :)

    & thanks for your comment. I think we have great boyfriends :)

  2. Aww, yay for great swaps and finding HGs!

    Ooooh, glad the new BC is working for you! That's a huge difference! I think one of my friends had problems with Yaz too. I'm on Seasonale and luckily have never had any issues. *knock on wood* lol...

    Good luck with the shipping!!

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking of switching too. I maybe have PMDD?
    I read all the symptoms to my boyfriend and he responded "...... Yeah..... I think you do have it?" Hahaha!
    I didn't wanna switch pills because of my major roller coaster of mood swings when I started Yaz. Relapse would be horrid!
    ^__^ Lemme know if you need more liners! <3

  4. Hey hey, I just found out that Walmart in Kona has the Exaggerate!!! I'm gonna try to go pick some up during winter break! (>_<)

  5. Good luck on your test, sweetie! Yay to less oily skin and all that awesome Hawaii blogger love! *^_^*

    Good luck on the shipping and I hope you get that sweet looking Z!!

  6. cute stuff!! the nyx lippie is so cute

  7. oooh i have nyx in circe too... it is super nude!! too bad it doesn't suit my skin tone though :( i look like death with it lol

    oooh and i picked up almay's smart shade concealer over the weekend... i was sooo tempted to get the foundation too buut decided not to since i still have 2x bottles of mac's studio fix to go through!

    glad to hear loestrin is going good so far! i reaaally hope thisll be your "hg" b.c. :)


  8. Good luck on your tests! I'm almost done so WHOO HOO!! Let the Holiday begins! I didn't know that the Rimmel liners were that good. Maybe I'll look out for it once my beloved Revlon CS liners run out!

  9. LOL island to island is faster then mainland for sure! LOL! Great love & blogger buys! :) Glad you found a BC that is working well for you! :)

  10. I think the packaging differs from different states maybe.. LOL, I know I went to another state and was like o_O!!! WTF why's their packaging look better?! LOL.. do a demo while you're blending the foundation!! I still don't understand how it works? -___-"


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