Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yves saint Laurent Gloss Pur - Pure Rose review + swatches

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Price: $29

What they say: Pure colour and high shine. YSL's newest lip gloss is everything you need to achieve an ultra-sophisticated every-day look. Based on YSL's top selling lip gloss, Golden Gloss, Gloss Pur delivers a sparkle-free beautiful and glossy sheen to the lips. With a fresh mango scent and six must-have shades, you'll want them all.

What's in it: click here for list

The good stuff:

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Brush wand glides on smoothly
  • Lovely semi-opaque color
  • Smooth texture
  • High shine finish
  • Did not dry out my lips

The low-down:

  • Expensive
  • Sticky when applying
  • The "mango" scent
  • Staying power is average

My take: So I was skeptical about the Pur Rose shade because although I looked at swatches before deciding to get it, when I received it, it looked so pink-PINK in the tube rather than a more natural pink. Luckily however, it redeemed itself when I tried it on my lips! It does an uber gorgeous nude-milky pink that's so super shiny and just LOVE! I thought the brush wand would be a little weird, but it's actually really easy to apply with and doesn't leave any streaks.

The texture if you get it on your fingers seems rather sticky, but once on lips it's super smooth and glossy -- if it's windy your hair will still get stuck in it though. One coat is pretty sheer, but the color is very buildable. 2 layers is good for me. The finish is patent leather shiny looove. The "downside" in my opinion is that the "fresh mango scent" is a bit overpowering to me (and I usually don't mind scented products!). That said, it is a nice scent at first, but gets a bit sickly sweet.. after awhile it fades. Another thing is that staying power is only a few hours at best, even less if you're eating/drinking. Overall, it is a gorgeous gloss though!

Would I repurchase: Yes, I want to try more shades -- just wish it wasn't so expensive!


  1. The gloss color suits you! :)

    Why is Muffin moving out? Send her to Sacramento pleaseeeee

  2. I want I want! ^_^ Thats such a pretty shade and I so want the luxuriousness of YSL :D

  3. That is awesome that you love this. It does look different on your lips. So kissable! *^_^*

  4. Have you tried Smashbox lip glosses? I recently fell in LOVE with those. Not as expensive, not very sticky, beautiful coverage. This particular color is super cute, btw.

  5. I love your nails! Very cute. I wish I could afford these... because I've heard so much about it. But not anytime soon I'm afraid!

  6. Super pretty on you! $$ is always an issue, but with the HE products you do get better quality most of the time! ;)

  7. I wonder is the mango scent is the same as the lipsticks... I sort of like the smell of the lipsticks but that is definitely NOT mango I'm smelling. Haha!
    I love YSL but I feel like I'm getting robbed. Then again the packaging is always to pretty.

  8. the color is so adorable, love it!

  9. ohh I was eyeing that same gloss but I didnt want to fork over that much for a gloss but its really pretty shade <3 :D

  10. mmm.. I love the smell of the YSL products! haha, I don't think it smells like mango though, I think it smells like a jolly rancher?! I think I have a retarded nose or something LOL... the smell does get a little nauseating after a while though but it fades :D


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