Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do I look tan? Seriously?!

Today was my first "real" venture to the MAC counter @ our Macy's. I mentioned this many times before, but I own no MAC products. I have not had much experience with their products besides eyeshadow, and one shot at a Studio Tech that was probably not my shade, that my friend "borrowed" from the counter for me when we were younger :P Needless to say, I didn't like that foundation at all... it was way to heavy and cakey for me and made my skin feel smothered.

So anyway, today I decided to ask what my shade was so I would know once and for all. I (naively?) assumed I would be around NC20-25... I assumed it was typical asian. I was interested in the Studio Sculpt foundation. So the SA grabs NC40 and starts applying it. I am shocked. Even more shocking, she said, "Because you're tanned, right?" O_o I said "Nooo..."

Now, I know the lighting is a bit dim in there, but STILL. I make every effort NOT to be in direct sunlight for too long. I use whitening products and sunscreen daily. I have not been to the beach in maybe a year. I've been overly protective of my skin against sun damage for the past 3 years. How can I possibly look even remotely close to tanned??? I proceeded to nag her, "Aren't most asians around NC20-25?" Her response: "They wanna be!"

So "apparently," I am MAC NC40 :/ I went outside. To me, I looked orange. I felt orange. I ranted to the Boytoy. Turns out Studio Sculpt did not impress me all that much either. It still felt heavy and sticky. I think me and MAC are just not meant to be... or MAC foundation, at least. *sigh*

On another note, I finally dyed my hair with the "Juicy Peach" Palty from Serenie!! But my hair sucks ass and never picks up color the way I want it to, so it doesn't look all that different to me, maybe a little redder and a little darker :( Next time I think I'll go lighter, like Milk Tea Brown or Orange Biscuit (: It did burn/itch for awhile, but nothing major. Will post pix tomorrow.

Have you tried Palty?
Did you like it? What shade would you reccommend?


  1. I've done makeup on other girls using Mac's foundation and you're about a NC40. I'm a NC 43/44 depending on the foundation. It doesnt look like you need a lot of coverage on you so I recommend Mac's Face and Body, light coverage it's like a tinted moisturizer. Hope that helps

  2. what?? you are NC40?? I am not even that light and I am NC30 "> That SA is just wrong! You should have ask her if she's blind?? lol

  3. LOL. Well, it is true many Asians want to be lighter than they actually are. I guessed that I was NC25 ish at first too but I'm actually NC30-35 (or at least my concealer is and I think it matches quite well). And I think I'm pretty typical Asian! I used to be a LOOOOOOOT darker even!! I've been religiously wearing sunscreen for over a year and I lightened from EDM Medium Tan to Medium Beige Summer, and now to Sandy Medium which I think is getting a tad too dark too.

    And yet, when I went to Sephora to get a sample of Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation I reached for the L2 and dabbed it on my hand and the SA was like "... yea, that's going to be way too light for you" and matched me to L3 (and really, I could see in sunlight the next day she was right LOL). It's really wishful thinking.

    And I mean, honestly hon, there is nothing wrong with being NC40!! Your skin tone is part sun, yes, but a lot genetics too. You can't determine your base color and you really can't whiten beyond it without some serious plastic surgery and bleaching. I've been fading for at least a year (and quite honestly I would like to stop fading so I can happily use up my two full size EDM semi-matte powders in Sandy Medium) and ... there is honestly just no way in hell I will ever be NC20. I'm already a good bit lighter than my mom and my dad, and you know what? This is just the skin that they gave me. I still hold out hope I may eventually fade to NC25, but I think that again, is just wishful thinking lol.

  4. LOL I've never asked for assistance at mac before so I also don't know my "mac foundation shade"... but I don't wear foundation so it's alright.. the only thing I love from mac are their blushes! everything else i can do without!

    well if it makes you feel any better, you look really fair to me! ^_^ I'm the tanned one! lol

  5. awww... you didn't like the studio sculpt? I think the SA dampened your mood that's why! :p

    Perhaps you can try going to another SA. Here, maybe this chart would help:

  6. LOL I don't even know what my MAC shade is! I just use the pressed powders! LOL so I know I'm a MedDark for pressed Blot Powder & MEDPLUS for the MSF Natural! But yeah their lighting might be off! Or maybe just the SA!

  7. "They wanna be"?! I really do not appreciate that generalizing statement. I've had frustrating experiences w/SA's who would pick out severely mismatched foundations just b/c they would think they were for ALL Asians.

    I don't know anything about MAC shades but isn't NC 20 like really pale? I was under the impression it'd be too pale for me and you def. seem a couple of shades more tan than me. I haven't seen the sun in like over a month LOL and you get to see sun a lot more often, so you probably can't help but get a little color unless you're sitting in a lead box for 3 months nonstop.

    You don't look that dark, though. You just have a nice healthy glow and it's quite pleasant.

    Thanks for turning off the Autoplay! I'll def be commenting here more often and not just reading you on Google Reader LOL <3 <3 Not many bloggers take the time to consider how their readers might find such things.

  8. Aw it's okay! I'm probably even darker than you in terms of mac foundation! I don't really wear foundation either. I was born very tan, but running around in the sun all summer long does have a toll on my skin. Not to mention HORRRID tan lines!
    Try another foundation! I'm sure you're not as tan as you think you are and the lighting in the store was probably horrible. :D

  9. Wow, I'm NW30 and I thought I would be much darker, but nope, I guess I was lucky to have a MAC makeup artist who knew what color would look best (I would try again) and if no go there, then try out Dior or Clinique (if you haven't already)

  10. LOL I have the opposite problem with them! they always match me to an NW25! and I KNOW that's TOO LIGHT for me! I KNOW I'm closer to NC35. They make me so mad sometimes, making me look at pale!

    Anyways, I don't wear foundation. blushes, lipstick, lipgloss. I only own one MAC eyeshadow and some quad/palettes. I guess their brushes are cool, but too expensive for my wallet. hahaha. I'm not much of a MAC girl.

  11. Aw, sorry to hear about this experience babe. Don't let it prevent you from future visits. Usually they know what they're doing. There is nothing wrong with being a NC40, but I don't think that's your shade either.

    I'm sure your hair looks fab! I'm currently sporting Palty's Mango Jelly...hehe.

  12. yeah sometimes I find it amuzing that white people loveee to go to tanning salons and get darker while we love to stay OUT of the sun and be as pale as possible! hahaha. Anyways I use whitening lotions etc and I'm still fairly dark -_- sighhh but then all my white friends say "man I wish I was tanned like you" I was like wtf I'm trying to be like you! haha

  13. I know what you mean! I NEVER go to the beach! I bitch about the sun even when I'm inside. I'm white as hell but I'm a NC 35-40. WTF?!
    Me and my mom tried every MAC foundation but no luck. It doesn't stay on her face and it makes me breakout.
    Now she uses Maybelline 24hr super stay foundation that I bought her.
    Doodoo head MAC foundations. LOL.

    That's junk Juicy Peach didn't really work. My hair sucks at picking up color too. I color it way too much. Only time an auburn color ever worked for me was this Loreal Superior Preference color. It was from the "Decadent Chocolate" line of color. After I'm done with my blonde phase I think I'm going to do a redish thing.
    Do Milk Tea! That would look cute!!

  14. wow nc40 that sounds a bit too high! i would think the most you could be is nc30, and i don't think you look tan at all

  15. Hello hello

    I've been very protective of my skin the last few years like you too but I remain tan no matter what, natural skin color for me I guess LOL. Hmm too bad the Studio Sculpt foundation did not work, at least you know now. ^^

  16. WHAAAATTTT?! girl ; what you need to do is go back get a sample of MAC studio fix fluid in nc25. screw what they tell you honestly ; they've jerked me around so much too. also matching me "darker" than i am.

    I heard sculpt is cakey so that's probably why you didn't like it much ; but trust me girl - studio fix is nice & velvety & not to thick but not to thin either. love it!

    get a sample!

  17. yeah, I know a 100% what you mean. I stay out of the sunlight so my face will match my boobs and neck. It's not working though. My face is still darker than I'd like. I also don't like it when they start giving me a dark shade. I don't know what my MAC shade is either... If you still wonder about it, maybe you can check out a free standing mac store. That lady was wrong!

  18. This is why foundation annoys me because I THINK I'm tan... and then I go and buy a darker-than-necessary foundation and find that maybe I'm pale. SO I go and get a lighter foundation and find that I'm too tan! WTF? This is why I think skin care is the best so then you just need a tinted moisturizer and some powder and you are good to go!

  19. i tried studio sculpt at a mac counter before... definitely too cakey for me and didnt end up buying it, ditto with the concealer (which i did buy ugh!). you should try studio fix? it gives medium coverage and it's buildable... theres also 2 formulas available for it, one for normal/dry skin and another for combo/oily skin... soo you won't have a problem with it being too "weighty" or feeling heavy.

    that being said... not all s.a.'s are created equal! for the longest time i thought i was nc42 cuz i was matched by an s.a who i trusted to know what she was doing. turns out i should have been an nw35... all this time, i was walking around looking like a tanned orange cuz of that one s.a. =_= lol


  20. I agree, somehow Mac foundation and me dont mix also. so your not the only one =D

  21. I don't own any Mac product's either. I alway's use my friend's liquid eyeliner & her gold eyeshadow everytime we go out and that's about it. You don't look tan at all :)

  22. i was curious what nc # i would be too, turns out im nc 30. i think tan girls are pretty though so even if you are tan then it's fine! but i didnt like how that ma responded to you "they wanna be!"

  23. i have soooooo many MAC products, love them! im a nc25, you probably a nc30 or 35. you might want to try SFF and SF powder. i dont like sculpt

  24. I'm apparently a MAC NC30 but yeah right... I look orange LOL.
    I think i'm lighter and apparently most asians want to look lighter o.O Hehe. Anyway, I'm not a MAC fan, never really have been xD. XX

  25. ~~ i want to go see what MAC NC# i am now^^ ha~ i'll let you know how it goes. but I think your lighter than me.. and I didn't think i'd have to go as dark as NC40.. maybe i do..?

    If she thought it fitted your natural colour.. maybe in her mind she's right. but we all want different results. Some want a darker foundation for a 'tanned' 'healthy' look and some want a light one for a whiter brighter look. I think SA's should give you that option. I always use a shade lighter than my real skin colour. It works and I like looking that slight brighter^^

    I think you should go get matched at a different counter:p


  26. I think you could be around an NC40 (maybe NC30-NC35) and it's true asians want to be LIGHTER than we really are lol! NC20-NC25 are like hella pale white folks! :) Well NC15 is hella pale, I guess the other shades are just pale haha!

    OH! But I am NC40. Well actually it's a little dark for me so I am probably NC37 and NC35 seems to work better on the cloudy days when the sun doesn't hit my other parts lol.

  27. I'm very confused with getting a right match with MAC foundation. MAC Lightful Powder Foundation was my first. The SA applied NW25 and NC35 on each side of my face, then I went shopping for awhile and returned an hour later. Both my mum and I thought that NW25 looked very natural on me but the SA thought otherwise. He said NC35 looked better while NW25 had oxidized into a darker shade, honestly I didn't see that but I took the SA's advice. I finished the NC35 powder but I didn't repurchase. Finding the right color foundation sort of drive me nuts!


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