Tuesday, January 5, 2010

EOTD/FOTD - Testing out new products! & Your thoughts on...

Hello loves! To start out, I thought I'd update on my Loestrin journey since some people were curious about this pill. I know that everyone is different but here's a little input about my experience with it to offer some insight. The one I'm taking is actually the generic brand -- Microgestin. It's diff. for me since I was on pills for 4 weeks, and these are only for 3 and you don't take any reminder pills for 1 week.

The good news is that my skin is 90% back to normal! If you've been reading long enough, you'll know that my skin was pretty dry. After being off YAZ, my skin and hair became disgustingly oily and I got TONS of pimples all over. Literally all over, even on my chest/back.. eww, I know :x But! I've been on Microgestin for almost a month now and my skin and hair is 90% less oily and the pimples are disappearing!!!

The downside is that I'm always hungry... I put on 5 pounds. I don't really eat much differently than I normally do, but the weight doesn't regulate itself like it did before (it doesn't help that I hate exercising XP). Also, it hasn't seemed to have any good effect on my mood yet (hopefully it will get better!) which is the biggest reason why I switched to this pill -- to help with PMDD. Well anyway, I am pretty happy with the results thus far, and am hoping for more improvement mood-wise as time goes on.

And here's a look I did today.
It's a combination of my Everyday Look & Turquoise iKandy look with a milky pink lip & shimmery/dewy cheeks. You can tell I love this shirt ^__^ ♥ I also wanted to do some overviews about products I got recently.

What I used -- the recent products I tried out are in the dashed borders above & bolded below!


  • Skinfood Mushroom Multicare BB Cream Shade #2 (thanks Wuzzy!)
    This gives similar coverage to my Skinfood Ginko Green BB Cream except it's a bit more matte. I like the smell of the Ginko Green better but this one applies a lot smoother and the finish is still really nice. It gives a "flawless skin" look that photographs well.
  • EDM Pressed powder (Fairly Light Golden) under eyes
  • Kirkland Face & Body brush w/ mineral shimmer powder to highlight cheeks


  • Geo Twins (green) from GeoEyeCandy
  • False eyelashes from Marukai mart
    Idk what brand these are (does anyone?) I got them for like $1.49 from Marukai when I was on Oahu. These lashes are pretty siiick.. like anime girl lashes.... whoo! They are really long, elegant but still pretty natural looking. They are not the most comfortable though -- for some reason the lash strip on the inner side of the left lashes pokes my eyelid & hurts :( So I tried trimming it -- and kinda butchered it in the process -- and it STILL pokes my eyelid :/
  • 24 hour waterproof eyebrow pencil/liquid
    I also don't know what brand this is since the packaging is all in Japanese! I got this from Don Quijote also when I was on Oahu. It is dual sided eyebrow pencil w/ a liquid brush tip that suppose to last 24h. The pencil side is more gray-brown (you can see in the pictures) but it looks really natural and it's softer and more blendable than my DHC eyebrow perfect pencil. The pen side is great for making natural brows and drawing fine lines. It lasts all day but then again anything does if I'm not touching it :P Overall though I really like this but it was ~$15 :S
  • Sana Make Essence concealer (light beige)
    This concealer was too cute for me to resist. However it's super sheer and offers very little coverage for me. I used this below my eyes and then went over with NYX jar concealer. The texture is SUPER smooth though and I took Lane's advice and use it as a base for my e/s!
  • NYX Jar Concealer (beige)
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner (black) to tightline
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye pencil (Zero) to line waterline
  • NYX Felt tip liner pen (Jet black) to line lashline

Refer to Eye Diagram for usage:

  • ELF liquid eyeshadow (Mocha Madness)
    I got this from Marie! The color is a metallic coppery brown. I used this as base, then layered Sultry Satin over it. I reviewed these before but the main thing to mention is that it does not dry quickly and if you apply another layer over the first layer, it'll crease and rub off the first layer. So you have to wait for it to dry. It makes a decent base for other e/s and helps intensify the colors.
  • ELF liquid eyeshadow (Sultry Satin)
  • ELF Brightening eyeshadow quads (Drama, Butternut, Nymph dreams)
  • Lancome eyeshadow quad (Bikini golden & Honeymoon)


  • DHC Lip Cream as a base
  • YSL Gloss Pur (Pure rose)
  • NYX Round lip gloss (Whipped)

I would also like to know
Your thoughts on...BB Cream!

  • Do you use BB Cream?
  • What is your favorite?
  • How do you apply it?

So far my favorite has been Skinfood brand (I just got some Etude House which I will review soon). I used to apply with my fingers, but now I use ELF blending wedges. I dot a couple tiny blobs of BB cream on my cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead and then I use the the flat end of the wedge and tap/pat/buff in the BB cream. What is your favorite way to apply it?


  1. I don't use bb cream unfortunately because I've never found one that works. All the ones I've found were really thick and covered like foundation, so I rather wear foundation lol.

    I guess I need to look out for more bb creams to try then since a lot of people said its awesome.

    BTW your makeup looks awesome =)

  2. i love ur makeup !!btw it seems like that lense really make a huge difference !

  3. your blog is gorgeous! and I can see you put so much effort into it! :D
    I love the makeup you did. Very pretty!

    About bb creams, I still use them but not regularly. I think most of them tend to break me out. My favorite bb cream so far is Skin79 hot pink label and I apply my bb cream with my fingers. :)

  4. Oohh.. i really like this make-up!!

  5. You look like a doll in this FOTD! ;) So pretty!

  6. I switch between BB creams ... Usually I use SKIN79 VIP Gold Collection Super+ BB Cream, but it's a bit grey for my skin tone right now (as it's super cold here, and I'm always wind-burned). So I've been using Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream and it covers really well.

    I apply my BB cream with a wedge; I hate getting makeup on my hands.

  7. aww, I am so lucky I don't have serious PMDD! Or maybe I do I just don't realize it? LOL XD

    I love your makeup simplicityness ^_^ But wow, those are a lot of products :O

    BB Cream.. I am around NC40 in mac and BB cream does not agree with my skintone! LOL I am too tanned :( I really wanted to try it but I won't ever be able to!

  8. Nice EOTD Erynn!! :)

    I've only tried Missah BB cream in #23 so far. I LOVE it because it gives such a nice coverage and literally feels like my own skin like I'm not wearing anything at all. The only problem is it's TOO light for my skin. :( I've only used it once so now I gotta get rid of it somehow.

    I like using wedges to apply it along with liquid foundation too. I feel like I get more control using a wedge. It's just preference I guess and what you're comfortable with. :)

  9. The only thing I like about Yaz is the 4 day placebo pills. -___-
    I hope I can find another pill that's better for me. I hate having my period more than 2 or 3 days now. I have bad Dysmenorrhea/cramps and now Yaz doesn't work for it. GRRRR.

    I love your sexy eyes girl! I totally wish I had double eyelids. I'm actually going to Marukai for the first time in a while Friday! I'll take a look around cause for less than $2 that's a good price!

    My favorite BB cream is Skin79 Triple + Functions or something. The pink one. ^__^ It was cheap, doesn't have a strong smell and actually blends to my skin color. And nooooo breakouts.
    Missha made me breakout so bad. People told me it's so thick it actually blocks pores.
    I like Skin Food though but I never got around to buying a bottle. I just had a bunch of samples.
    Then I use a sponge or a foundation brush. Same way you apply yours.
    Sometimes I add in a darker foundation for the really light colored ones. Cause I'm dark I guess. Hahaha!

  10. Love it...and I'm currently using missha bbcream, I've been using it like forever...i tried the skinfood aloe I guess...but still loving missha...

  11. I love your eyes and your contacts. Gorgeous!!

    It's okay.. everyone should be gaining weight right after the holidays or else something is wrong with them. LOL. jk

  12. such beautiful green eyes! i love how you also outlined everything on your eyes to explain it better.. it really does help! and HEY!!! NEW LAYOUT!!! i love it! you still kept with the theme but changed it up a bit.. <3 :)

  13. Erynn, love your FOTD! Your skin looks flawless. I would say not to worry about the 5 pounds because it's probably healthy weight.. a little fat can keep us warm! btw I passed an award to you :)

  14. hey hun :)

    ohh im glad that your skin is improving. i used to be on pills too, for 4 months but i didnt used YAZ and i never had problem with breaking out. but when i was on pills, i got fatter, LOL! and moody

    nice LOTD! :D are nyx lipgloss any good? never tried it!

    about bb cream. ive tried only one so far and i have a post on it. if you want to check it out, then go to my blog and look for the label "bb cream" the one i got was very expensive and was my first bb cream. i just used my hands and apply it as if it was lotion

  15. oOoO nice eyes!! Sexy!!

    I was always the bare or mineral makeup cuz my skin gets red with any fluid foundation. I heard a lot of good things about MISSHA from YT. I tried it(#23).. and LOoOOved it. I loved the fact that it even had SPF 42. I had no harsh reactions from it and my face glowed!! I tried a couple others but they left an ashy look.

    oh BTW elf is having a promo right now where you get any of these 10 items for FREE!! code 2010 http://www.eyeslipsface.com/looks.asp?look_id=100105 needless to say I ordered 10 items and I just had to pay for shipping!!! yay!!

  16. ohh, can tell that your skin is looking great now. wish my skin could improve...

    what a detailed post you did. good for ppl like me who can learn something diff. seems like you really like elf e/s.

    Yes, i'm loving my Lotree BB cream, pretty good. no breakout so far. usually apply straight after skincare routine. what about you?

  17. My fave BB cream is Lioele w/Skinfood coming in second. But I hear that the Legere is really good. D gave me a sample but I've yet to try it! LOL! I just use my fingers to apply a bit to each part of my face then smooth & pat it in.

    You look great! The contacts really make your eyes pop! So much that the amt of e/s is a perfect highlight for it! :)

  18. oh my! your eyes look gorgeous!!!! and the falsies fit perfectly like your real lashes :) Gorgeous!!!!

  19. Wow, so pretty! :D I tried BB creams but it didn't work out so I kinda gave up. You're so lucky to find one you love!

  20. I use Missha BB Cream in #23
    It lightens skin tone & heals visible wrinkles/blemishes.
    gives excellent coverage with little application
    prevents skin aging
    contains spf 42
    & I use MAC 187 stipling brush & I stiple it on. & then I just wear concealer then foundation on top.

  21. I LOVE those contacts on you!!!! :D

  22. what a pretty pretty look! Those contacts look amazing on you :D And I love your lid color! SO PRETTY! Great FOTD!

  23. OoOo nice EOTD with the lenses! :) Mmm BB creams...I like MISSHA BB Cream but I rarely use it because I don't want to lighten my skin :S I wish I could find a foundation just as good without the lightening aspect tho. :S

    RYC: You didn't get your samples yet?! Jeesh! That's horrible. :( Oh no I didn't get a chance to use the EDM yet. I wanna wait til I can try it out in broad daylight cuz whenever I get home from work, it's already getting a bit dark :( Hopefully next week when school starts up again tho! <---Can you believe winter break is over?! (ToT)

  24. You look gorgeous, the lashes look great!

  25. love your eye makeup^^ your lashes look so nice. and how cute are your lenses. such an intense green. i want some like that~~

    +your skin looks lovely. i like the ginko bb cream too. but have you tried the aloe vera one? i think its much more soothing and comfortable. xx


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