Monday, January 25, 2010

Formspring Q&A - What ethnicity are you?

I get this question a lot, online. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I've ever really made it clear what ethnicity I am. Whoever asked, thanks for popping my Formspring cherry... haha

I am Japanese, with just a touch of Okinawan (;
Yes, the ethnicity I am most confused for is Chinese... I think maybe the only ethnicity I am confused for. But then again, isn't that what most non-asian people assume ALL asians are??? I also get asked a lot if I'm from Japan. I wish I was! I've lived in Hawaii all my life.

What ethnicity are you?
What ethnicity do people mistake you for?

I think Kym wins for having the most creative guesses on her ethnicity (;

Oh and,
I've started replying to comments... in my comments. Again (;


  1. There was a guy that once told me he was Japanese. I questioned him because he looks Okinawan. Then he said "It's the same thing." >__<
    Which then really makes me wonder what's so different.
    My cousin Ereyn is Japanese and Okinawan!!!

    Everyone thinks I'm Korean though. They told me it's because I always get angry. -___-

    ---I googled it. Japanese were picking on people from Okinawa. Bullies.

  2. Mmmm I used to get mistaken for being Korean before...and Malaysian...but...I think that's it. I'm 100% Japanese!

  3. Ok, now no more guessing, haha... ;)

  4. I always get mistaken as Filipino!!!! Sometimes they just walk up to me and start speaking Tagalog and I'm standing there like...*confused face* huh!?! XD

  5. I love those Dr. Grip Rilakkuma pens! I'm sorry someone took yours. I was at Marukai recently but I only saw the mechanical pencils. If I see the pens, I'll let you know. ^___^

  6. I forgot one more thing...

    I'm also 100% American Japanese. The reason I say this is because when I'm in Japan, I'm not considered *Japanese*. So weird...

  7. i get asked all the time what ethnicity i am and people hardly ever guess right for some reason! (i'm 100% korean). i've had guesses range from chinese, japanese, mexican, hawaiin, indian (?), mhong, you name it! everything except korean!

  8. Hahah I used to get mistaken for being Japanese even though I'm mostly Korean. Nowadays most people recognize that I'm Korean but probably because they all know me now.. lol

  9. im filipino with a little bit of chinese (my dada's 3/4 chinese + 1/4 filipino).

    people pretty much know im filipino when they see me... except for that one time in uni where a recruiter for a Cambodian group thought i was cambo and chased me around the campus trying to get me to sign up =_= lol

    oh actually, Shirley (aka Notes from the toothfairy) thought i was viet when i first started blogging lol. iono maybe in pictures buuut my tanned skin gives me away :P

    oh andd that one time when i was still in highschool, a father with his young daughter approached me and told me i looked exactly like his daughter's Bratz doll... thats not really an ethnicity buut i just remembered now soo might as well comment it here haha



    3/4 Jap & 1/4 Okinawan from my mom. But my dad's side is soo hairy you'd think they're Okinawan too! LOL!

  11. oh yur japanese!!! awesome :)

    im Taiwanese but lots of people..for some reason think I'm Korean ?_? lol...this one lady at the supermarket seriously thought I spoke korean and kept talking to me in Korean....I only said Hi in korean and she thought I knew korean... lol..good times

    wow..japanese & okinawan cool!!

  12. ohh I thought you were chinese too lol well it dont matter what race you are , you're still beautiful!

    People mistaken me for filipino all the time, they come up to me talking their language. I was at mcdicks one time and this filipino lady thought i was flip and hooked me up with extra fries! lol

  13. I am mostly Russian but I think I have a g-g-g-grandmother from either Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan (I honesty don't remember, but apparently that's where my family gets it's short temper from, according to family stories!). Most time people just think I'm the average Chicagoan, until they hear my accent!

  14. That touch of Okinawan means you'll live a long life. ;) Well, since peeps think all Asians are Chinese they pretty much guess me right. I am mostly Chinese but I have also gotten Japanese, Vietnamese, and Filipino.

  15. I am Vietnamese but I've always been asked if I'm Chinese... because people who aren't white (back in the days) think all Asians are Chinese-- this is back in my middle school days. People have now starting to understand there is more than one Asian ethnicity.

  16. @ Serenie - LOL not the same thing! All I know is it's different islands... and if you confuse them for each other, they get mad I think XP I get angry really easily too lol!

    @ Mai - Malaysian! That's a new one hehe.

    @ Jess - Yep! Hehe.

    @ PixyEla - LOL! Yeah it's funny when we travel places, tourist people start talking to us in Japanese! And we're like... Uhh, we're American. Lol.

    @ Islegirl - Awww thanks love! I like the pencils too! I would rather have a pencil but we only have the pens here as far as I know. :( Lol! Yeah I guess I should say I am American Japanese now (:

    @ Liana - WOW that is a wide variety of guesses hehe. Oh yeah I also get asked sometimes if I'm Hawaiian. Like just because I live in Hawaii, I'm automatically Hawaiian. LOL.

    @ Hyuna - haha, yeah all my friends know because they know me. Sometimes, they forget though XP

    @ Anne - LOL Cambodian recruiting. LOL that's funny, sometimes I feel like a Bratz doll too XD

    @ Wuzzy - WHOOO YEAH JAPOKI PRIDE ^___^ LOL I hope I'm not considered hairy! XD

    @ Emily - lol isn't so awkward when people just talk to you, and even worse, you can't understand!!! >_<

    @ Nee - Aww thanks love (: Wow! HOOKUPS!! In that case, I'd love to be mistaken if it gets me free stuff lol.

    @ Niko-lina - Haha I wonder where my short temper comes from XD I wanna hear your accent, it must be sexy (;

    @ Lisa - I hope so! LOL I wonder how people get such far-out guesses sometimes.

    @ ndoodles - LOL totally agree. Also, we do not ALL look a like just because we're asian!! >_<

  17. i totally thought you were chinese too! I'm chinese but most people think I'm mixed. either chinese and vietnamese or chinese and Filipino. someone thought I was vietnamese once. I guess it's because I'm dark. most chinese girls are lighter. I'm not even tan. I'm just dark

  18. Really? All non asians assume every asian as Chinese? Because I keep getting Korean instead :\ From both Asians and non Asians. And I think the saddest is when your own Chinese race does not even recognize you as one of them LOL.

    I am guessing the recent Korean wave might ave something to do with it hahaha.

    And I was right in guessing your ethnicity XD

  19. well, im vietnamese and french ..

    people think im spanish @_@

  20. It depends on whether I'm wearing makeup, what clothes and hair, etc... and I seem to get the most guesses from fellow Koreans who only assume I'm Korean when I'm wearing some makeup -_-; What, I'm not pretty enough to be Korean without makeup on? Sheesh.

    I thot u were Korean all this time lol. I don't know why. I must have thought I had read that somewhere.

    It's kind of silly, though, all these guessing at ethnicity based on looks. Sure, some people have features that are more distinctly common to certain ethnicities, but every ethnicity comes with such a wide range of looks that overlap. I've seen some Koreans who look Middle Eastern, for example, but they're very much native Koreans.

  21. I knew this!!! lol, I think your last name gave it away XD

  22. I'm Vietnamese and Chinese but people say I have a little bit of Japanese eyes o.O ...Hehe. Nearly all non-asian people are like 'Are you Chinese or Japanese?' And it really pees me off LOL xD. XXX

  23. huh...i never thought about it lol...I just thought ur heaps pretty and an eye shape i really envy lol ^^...

    well people pick me out chinese...I dun think I look remotely chinese...even the chinese people at Uni ~_~ they think i'm abc >_< lol

  24. Haha I've been mistaken for Japanese, Filipino, and even Mexican back in the day when I was super tan in middle school. I'm actually just Chinese/Vietnamese.

  25. I'm Filipino. I get mistaken for everything but Filipino. hahaha. Filipinos don't even think I'm Filipino. Chinese people think I'm Korean, Japanese people think I'm Chinese, and Korean people think I'm Japanese. Its fun! hahaha. <3 Rina

  26. how interesting! :)
    hahaha its hard to tell sometimes huh :P

  27. Aw I didn't know you were Japanese, cool! I'm Cambodian but most people confuse me with Spanish/Mexican.

  28. That was an interesting question answered! :) I did wonder what ethnicity you are but I didn't want to make any guesses because it can be difficult to get it right. :D


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