Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hurr did: Palty "Juicy Peach"

So here is my current hair using Palty's "Juicy Peach" shade.
This is like the 341907517th time I've done my hair within a month's span. Okay maybe not that much. Maybe like the 4th time.


The lighting is crappy but it makes my hair look better than it really is :P It is SLIGHTLY redder and SLIGHTLY darker than how I had it orange-bleached but not like in the picture *tear tear* Anywho, it was fun to try out this product. The best thing is that it smells really good! But it burns/itches for a bit. I agree with you Serenie, it feels damaging T__T But how can you resist the cute pink packaging with a hot chick on every box, right?!

Next chance I get, I'm gonna try lighter!

Oh yeah, and I got new glasses today (not pictured). Incase you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a glasses nerd. I love wearing my glasses even though I have perscription contacts and lots of circle lenses. I just prefer glasses. Probably because I'm a lazyass, and when I wear contacts, I feel like I have to spend 85317583165x longer on my makeup. Pix tomorrow.

Oh and on a sidenote -- we possibly found someone who would like to have Muffin. I think they are possibly insane. But if that doesn't work out, I had to call an animal sanctuary :( For new readers, Muffin is my demon CAT and I have to find her a new home because she is currently inhabiting the brand new studio extension of our house, and she is making it a mess. Also the main reason I have to give her away is because she is vicious and unpredictable and causes MUCH more pain than joy. I love her a lot but I do not love her attacking my face. And legs. And arms. And clothes. And everything that moves.


  1. cute pink box is irresistible!i wish i can do the same..but i just darn lazy to maintain it..*sigh*

  2. Hope you find Muffin a great home. :) Your hair and eyeglasses look nice. I haven't found a permanent dye that doesn't damage hair. I just make a point to deep condition and have regular trims.

  3. Cute hair, I can never color my hair, or get it to the box color.. ugh...

  4. i wanted to try out palty products too, too bad it feels damaging to the hair :(

  5. I do hope that they take Muffin in! If not hopefully the humane society can find her a good home!

    This shade is gorgeous!! I miss my hair being that light! LOL!

  6. It's a shame about Muffin-- things that like that are difficult, but... there's nothing that can be done :(

  7. The hair looks amazing! I've been thinking about redying my hair since it's like gradiant from black to light black to dark brown to light brown...but I dunno. I think I might go back to black :P

    Oh lady! Btw, that reminds me, I saw a news article a little while ago about a 15 year old girl who patch-tested the dye before she dyed her hair but she had a bad reaction with it, and it ballooned up her face!! (I heard there are quite a few reports of this with Clairol :S) Be careful!! They said give it like 48 hours after patch-testing before you dye your hair just to make sure.

  8. Oh! And good to hear Muffin may have a home! :)

  9. Your hair is purty!!! But yeah... hair always feels hash even after I use 54654354 types of conditioners.
    LOL. Hot chicks except for that ONE girl. She looks like she's on crack. I think you'll know if you see the box. Hahaha!

    I think I have to get glasses too. I can't see shit when I drive at night. But I'm to stubborn to go and get glasses/contacts. Haha!

    I really hope someone takes Muffin!! She sounds like a cat my boyfriend would like. Hyper and evil just like him. -__-
    Potato was evil too but now she's literally a potato. Lies around all day and demands attention. I wouldn't have been able to handle her attacks for too long so I'm glad she stopped.

  10. Aww, sorry about Muffin. I hope you find her a good home. *hug*

    I like the new hair color! I'm like you too though - I have contacts but I just prefer wearing my glasses. I don't think I've worn my contacts in like... months! I get a lot of little stye thingies on my waterlines when I don't sleep enough so contacts are usually a pain to wear. =/

  11. AH scary. It is sad about Muffin though. Too bad she didn't work out.

    I love your hair anyways. It looks very nice, smooth and soft. It's okay of your hair doesn't exactly match. I think the one in the pic is a bit too fake... maybe Photoshopped.

  12. Not a post-relevant comment, but thought you'd like to check these two out:

  13. i wish i can see your hair color in a better lighting. im sure its pretty :) i havent tried that brand YET but eyeing on it

    i want to see your new glasses too

    about muffin, honestly i gave dimitri away yesterday and im very sad. ive been crying. your situation with muffin is exactly like mine with dimitri and right now im looking for dimitri and i want him back home if i can ever find him. hes being raised as an outdoor cat now. im very sad so i say rethink about muffin first

  14. Oh, since I just read your last entry, maybe you look tanner because your hair is lighter?!?! I look lighter sometimes because my hair is black LOL


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