Sunday, January 3, 2010

A peek into my workstation, F21 Haul, & Happy-ness

***UPDATED MY BLOG SALE!***Lots of brand new, never used clothes!
Hello loves!

How is 2010 going for you so far?

Just thought I'd show you all my new charm workstation! I bought this from Ben Franklin (one of my fav places to shop, interestingly XD). It's actually for beads and ribbon and stuff, but it worked out perfectly for holding all of my charm materials and hanging them to dry!

I need more for my makeup organization lol. I REALLY want me some Jet Max storage cubes... *drools* Anyways...

Forever 21 haul...
I got these sweater tops... they're really thick and comfy, I like them a lot! Somehow though the white one makes me look... fat. :S

And you'll know I'm a Michelle Phan... fan :P I just had to get this hoodie ever since I saw it on her blog -

It's really thin but just so cute! Here's the arm, back, and hood detail:

And here's my totally awesome penguin PJ pants (there's a long sleeve top too). They're super comfy but reeeaaallly long! Sometimes it's a pain being short. Lol.

Oh, I'm testing out my new watermark. Still in the works (;

And here's some pix of Happy...

Am I a good GS&P model??

*is distracted too easily*


  1. oh DANGGGG you mean business when you say you make charms! that's some mad skills! :)

    and im loving your new tops! girl, you got some boobies ;)

    AND OMG OMG i love that hoodie! i saw she wore it before and i really wanted it for a while. my fav part is the hood b/c there's wings there.

    cute pj! my bf loves penguin!

    and man that doggie sure knows how to look cute!

  2. Girl!! ^_^ Where and how much is the Michelle Phan's jacket?? I want!! :D and you do not look fat with the long sleeves! You look sexy!!!

  3. OOH! I knew that was a GS&P bow! haha :) That's a cute little thing you keep your charm things in, it looks really small and compact! ^_^

    The reason why you think you look fatter in the white one is because darker colors are slimming while bright colors will make you stand out more (for example, contouring and highlighting your face!) :D I still like my solid white shirts though even though all you see if my belly button LOL!

  4. The sweater tops look great and warm, and don't worry, you don't look fat at all :)

    Happy is so insanely cute! I couldn't resist smiling when I saw the pictures! :)

  5. Aww look at Happy! LOL! So cute!! Nice haul I love the F21 sweaters! Girl you got a nice rack! LOl! ;) I'm just jelly that's all!

  6. your workstation is really well-organized. love the hoodie! aww, your doggie is really cute.

  7. you definitely DO NOT look fat in the white sweater! happy new years <3

  8. LOL ur dog wud be adorable model for GS&P !lol
    lno thats white sweater doesnt make u look fat at all!hehe

  9. Your puppy is adorable! <3
    And I like these 2 sweters.
    But hey! You don't look fat in this white one!

  10. OOOH! My F21 order came in yesterday!! I have to post pictures!
    I go nuts at organization stores! There's one that opened in Kapolei and I wanna go but I know I'll go overboard. Me and my mild OCD. I love organizing and that little cabinet thing is the cutest!
    Those PJs are kawaii! I got pink rudolf ones for $5 at Walmart the other day!

  11. Love the new workstation. I wanna get one for my jewelry but I'm always on-the-go so mine has to be portable. :( Nice tops!

    RYC: Yup yup that's crazy Kapena. lol. The yogurt place is right by Ross! You should definitely check it out---it's sooo good!

  12. Aww...happy is so adorable!. for some reason I just have to say this happy is so happy ^_^

    My friend has this saying three b's. Beautiful, beauty and brain's! girl you got em`.

    Oh and before I went to comment this post. I clicked the link to tanimoto dharma design's I was wondering if you knew anybody that know's the kanji symbol for sister's?. I was gonna get a tat with family & sister's. lmk :)

  13. I like those tops. I'm in need of some long sleeves, so I ordered these tooooo cute thermals from Wet Seal. They're floral print & were $10 each.

    AW, CUTE DOG! Makes me want one. lol

  14. I def need to get me some money so that I can buy a few of your charms I've been wanting one for quite sometime. Love the F21 sweaters... I don't think you look fat in the white one. That hoodie is amazing!! And I def know what you mean about being short... all of my skinny jeans are not so skinny around the ankle lol.

  15. That is absolutely adorable! CUTE DOGGY. I really like your F21 hauls!

  16. thanks for nominating me! i know ive been away from blogger for a while..i guess i just dont really know what to blog about. i will do that tutorial on the Coastal Scents Foundation for you still!! haha i just dont have my camera with me right now..

    your puppy is adorable! :D

  17. your dog happy is SO adorable! i love your first sweater too

  18. thats a cute little workstation :) anyhoo. as far as the sweaters from f21 theyre super cute i think i should head out and get a couple myself. the hoodie you got is super love. i love hoodies and that def. compliments you :)

  19. OMG OMG can I use that pic on my gs&p?!?! IT'S ADORABLE!!!!

    and hehe yeah I'm a michelle phan fan too, the sweater looks really nice, and love the f21 sweaters on you, it fits your curves really well :D

  20. happy cute!!

    I've seen that hoodie on her blog back then! so cool, that you can still get it, it looks great on you, and the sweaters too!


  21. OMGoshies! I loveeeeeeee that workstation, I so totally want that >_< There's not many craft shops that I know of here, and if there is a particular one, it's normally like a sole trader type of shop so they sell it for quite expensive than a big retailer would T_T

    Love that hoodie too! I been eyeing it very much when Michelle posted it but it's impossible for me to get because I would have to order online and I can't do that for clothes, I always have to try it on. But it looks great on you!

    Harry's like a lil princess!

    Ohh the foundation and eyeliner are reallyyyyyyyyy good! It's my second time repurchasing them, think they lasted me a good half a year! Despite me using it quite often XD The foundation doesn't move an inch, & doesn't transfer either! Great stuff XD~ I just applied little bit of the lipstick so I guess a little goes a long way as they always say :D though do take into account that I had lip balm underneath and the shade of my lips might have made it to be that colour XD~


  22. Aww, I love your new workstation! I've been wanting to order some charms from you forever LOL. I'll shoot you an email sometime!

    And awww, nice haul! I don't think the white sweater makes you look fat at all LOL. =P And I ADORE the penguin PJ pants! I'm totally going to have to go to F21 and hunt for them now.

    Happi is adorable. :D

  23. I wuv your doggie! :D Girl, you do not look fat in that sweater top. If anything, it accentuates your curves. Rawr... Love your hoodie!

  24. Happi looks so happy! :) she is so adorable :)

    love all your sweaters!

    and omggg that charm station looks so useful for you! ur charms are so cute! I wish I could make polymer clay crafts as good as you!!

  25. your dog is freaking adorable and I how cute isyour penguin PJ pants!!!! :D

  26. that hoody is amazing! love the writing down the side~~ i want one now^^ xx


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