Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smoky Purple EOTD/FOTD - Testing out swap products!

Today I wanted to try out some products I got from a swap with Angie of Sparklemidori! Thanks for the swap girl!!! The products I used from her were: Etude House BB Magic Cream and DHC Rose Beauty Eye Zone Treatment Retouch Q10 (pictured below). I will do more detailed reviews soon.

The Etude House BB Cream comes in a pump tube. Usually I would say I prefer a pump for most face products, but I actually prefer a sqeeze tube more. This takes a bit of pumping to get the product out... and then either a little or A LOT comes out -- it's hard to control the amount. It has a light scent (not bothersome).

The texture is light and the most "liquidy" texture of all BB creams I've tried... it applies smoothly like a lotion. The coverage is on the sheer side -- a bit too sheer for my tastes. I could still see redness. I'd like something with more of a medium coverage. It does give a nice smooth, healthy glow and holds back shine though! I'd reccomend this more for people with good skin who need very little coverage.

The DHC Eye Zone Treatment Retouch Q10 is in a cute pink twist-click pen. Usually I don't like this kind of product packaging, but it's just so cute! The color is a "light beige" and there is a soft floral scent (again, not bothersome). The texture light and easy to smooth. This is comparable to the Sana concealer I talked about in my last post but a little more pigmented. It offers light coverage, not enough for my dark circles so I did have to go over with NYX concealer and EDM pressed powder to set. It does make a good concealer base though. Again, I would reccommend this product to those who need very little coverage.

Here is how the BB Cream performs -- Nice healthy glow but too sheer for my liking.

I also did another eye look today to make use of my Clinique Rock Violet cream e/s I got as a GWP.

Smoky Purple EOTD

What I used:
  • Etude House Magic BB Cream
  • EDM Pressed Powder (fairly light golden)
  • NYX Jar Concealer (beige)
  • Pink blush from Sephora Color Play Palette
  • 24 Hour waterproof eyebrow pencil/liquid (brown)
  • DHC Rose Beauty Eye Zone Treatment Retouch Q10 under eyes
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner (black) to tightline & line lashline
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil (Zero) to line waterline
  • NYX Felt tip liner pen (Jet black) to line lashline
  • Red cherry lashes (#45) -- I really like these! They're long & natural looking.
Refer to eye diagram for usage:
  1. Clinique Quick Eyes Cream shadow (Rock violet)
This is my first try with cream eyeshadow. Not something I would use every day but I do like it a lot! Smooth and easy to apply, pigmented, dries quickly. I used it as a base and to intensify the other purple shades I layered over. Lasted all day and kept shadows in place!

  • ELF Brightening eyeshadow quad (Drama - charcoal)
  • ELF Brightening eyeshadow quad (Drama - black)
  • Red Earth eyeshadow (Star Light - brilliant pearl)

  • I got this from my sample box from Ulta after they badly shipped and ruined my first order from them. I really like this shadow! It's super pigmented and this bright, shimmery gold shade is a perfect highlight!

  • Shade 4F from Sephora Color Play Palette (refer to diagram in sidebar)
  • Shade 4D from Sephora Color Play Palette (refer to diagram in sidebar)

  • L I P S
    • DHC Lip Cream as a base
    • Eyeko Minty Fat Balm
    • NYX Round lip gloss (Whipped)
    And I'll leave you with some Ezziebell Jewelry lovin' ♥


    1. I love the purple look, it's a GREAT color on you! :D You're looking beautiful as always hun~

    2. Very pretty purple FOTD! Love it!

    3. So puuuuurty. I love purple eye looks, they're some of my faves along with blues and neutrals =D

    4. The eye makeup is super fab as do you! Thanks for the tutorial there. :)

    5. You looks super pretty! I love the purples on you ^^ <3

    6. "Ra ra ah ah ah"

      Anyways - LOVE the look. Very pretty :D I think purple looks so nice on so many people!

    7. love the look you did, gorgeous!

    8. Love the smokey purple on you! The necklace is adorable too!

    9. oh this look is great on you, your eyes are really lovely and flirty! The necklace is adorable too :D

    10. u always have the best FOTD's.....and that ezzie necklace is so pretty!!!

    11. nice!!! it's funny, my mom used to make up me like this, when I couldn't do it myself, around 13 or so, for school parties :P


    12. i'm loving your eye makeup and you look so pretty~

    13. Gorgeous woman! Very nice! LOL My mom gave me that Clinique sample! I gave it to the BF's mom, she likes light colors like that! LOL! :)

    14. You look so pretty! Purple smokey eyes are the best ;)

    15. Work it pretty laydee! I love purple! Some reason even though blue is close to purple it looks terrible on me.

      My Etude House BB cream is really sheer too. So I never used it after the first time.

    16. Erynn, you pull of purple really well! I have yet to do a nice purple eyes for myself :( I just visited Ezziebell's site, I think you should be on her column of eye candy. p.s. I passed an award to you!

    17. ur EOTD is motivating me to try out new look other than my boring neutral shades of all time.

    18. Goodness. Your eyes are beautiful.

      Let me know how those wipes work for you!

    19. hey! I'm a new follower! love your eye makeup here and mostly, love love your layout! Reminds me of the time when i used to make layouts on geocities lol except my layouts were crap >_<

    20. smoky purple looks great on you! your hair is gorgeous too if I may add :)

    21. I've been obsessed and crazed with purples lately. this was really well done! :)

    22. awwww.. I did this look the other day! Well, a similar one when I was debating about the HK palette.. lol! :) I like it better on you though, the shape of your eyes suites it better than mine ^_^


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