Friday, January 15, 2010


So here's the new frames I got. Technically they were the Mister's but he got bored with them so I wanted them ^__^ The only thing is they don't stay on my nose. So I need to go back and get nosepads ._. Which is why I'm holding them up.

Does it make me look like a DWEEB?

Or like I'm going to spank you with a ruler?


Sultry Somky Eyes + Fire Engine RED lip


Probably the simplest smokey eye I've ever done. Actually, this is probably the simplest LOOK I've ever done. I decided on "vampy hooker" (refer to this post). I only used 8 products total. The lip just makes it WHABAM! Again, I would never be confident enough to rock a red lip in public ~_~ Tried to make a look that would go well with these glasses. I like how it turned out but I think I would do something like this more for a Halloween look... if I was going to be some kind of slutty teacher. WHO WANTS EXTRA CREDIT, BITCHES?!

Oh and if you're wondering if I got fatter, yeah, I did :(

What I used:


  • EDM Pressed Powder (Fairly Light Golden)

E Y E S - Refer to eye diagram for usage

  1. Urban Decay matte eyeshadow (Shakedown) all over lid/above crease
  2. ELF Brightening e/s (Drama - charcoal shade) on outer/inner corner of eye, directly on crease
  3. ELF Brightening e/s (Nymph dreams - pale gold shade) below brow to highlight
  4. Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner (black) on inner/outer corner of eye and to line lashline & waterline


  • Left - DHC Lip Cream as a base, NYX Round lipstick in Orange Soda, Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss
  • Right - Wet N Wild lipstick 5178, Avon Color Trend Tasty Treats Lip juice in Cherry Truffle

PS - My skin after 1 week on Skin MD Natural Shielding lotion.


  1. it just shows how crap and inexperienced I am with make-up, there was so much more colours/work/layers in your eye shadow than I thought lol...

    I'm such a noob >_<

    *still jealous of your eye shape*

  2. HOT SEXY LIBRARIAN!!!! heehee! Love the glasses. I like the color of the lips. I used to always wear a deep red lipstick, but stopped because I got tired of reapplying and touchups. I prefer pinks and neutrals now just because its subtle and its not as noticeable when it fades.

  3. nerdy can be sexy & hot too!for example, u!hehe..

  4. Ruler, ruler, spank me with a ruler! ;D HAHAHA You look damn hot with the glasses and red lips.

  5. LOL. I don't think your glasses are dweebish at all. Now, my old black wire rims - those were super dweebish. And I think you look amazing in the red lips!! =P

  6. I like how your smokey eyes are very subtitle but effective at the same time! :D & cute nails~ ^3^

  7. the glasses look great on you. i know what u mean about the nose issue, it happened to me, so i just didn't get the glasses

  8. You look sexxxyy!!
    Those glasses are uber cute! I have fake ones like that!
    Love the look, it's hard to pull off smokey looks on me. Stewpid eyes. >__<
    I'm gonna try it though!

  9. AWWWW!!!. You look so adorable!!!!!. You make dweeb look hot ;)

  10. You look like a sexy librarian...RAWR....

  11. It looks good on you, I dont think I can ever pull red lips off.

  12. ok omg you with those glasses, the bewbs and the sultry red lips... you just gave me a pervy nosebleed

  13. black rimmed glasses = hot!! i wouldnt have guessed they were your bf's if you didnt say it!
    red lips looks really good on you... im slowly trying to rock colour on my lips... i used my pink lippy ("tea rose") from nyx for the first time EVER today... felt like everyone who was looking at me were thinking bad thoughts about my lips lol, so the bf had to reassure me the whole time ahha


  14. Love this look, spank away!!!! ^_~

  15. You look hot with the glasses, Erynn! And I totally love how you did your eyes here The brown shades flatter your eyes so much! Very pretty! <3

  16. LOL extra credit!!! loveeee the red lips on you! you should definitely wear the look in public! and i didn't tell you before, but your diagram posts are so informative :) i like how you dot the area you're talking about!

    and cuteeee glasses! i have similar but they're like a royal purple. i need an updated prescription tho it's been a couple years :/


  17. Hot look! I haven't worn glasses since I first had to wear glasses/contacts like in middle school. Although I do have a pair of faked framed ones that I wear occasionally. lol. That reminds me, Wuzzy has been telling me to do a tut of the EOTD I did before but *sigh* haven't had much time or inspiration to do it lately.

    Sounds like school's pretty cruise for you this semester. That's good :) Same here...hopefully anyways. haha. But I'm working alot more this semester anyway, so it still feels the same. lol! That Image in Motion class sounds interesting! I can't remember if I told you before, but I was considering the DMA program at HCC when I started at UHH. *Sigh* Didn't work out tho. :( Eh, now I'm considering the Film program at UHM for later on :)

    Oh yeah, I use Revlon too. I almost always used Revlon. Even when I was in Japan, that's what I used cuz that's the only one I trust. :) I'm thinking I might go a more cooler dark brown maybe. Mmmm gotta think about it a bit. haha ;)

    Yeah we checked out the Tasha Ohana (with HPH) last week but they didn't have any kittens. Thanks for the tip about the Rainbow Friends. We went there but they didn't have any kittens, and the cats they had were pretty fiesty anyway--there was one that was jumping on everyone from a table even though we were 3-4 feet away! We actually went to the Humane Society today and picked out not one, but two kittens! They're so adorable. I'll have to post pictures of them soon when we go pick them up later. Hopefully you can find someone to take Muffin. :(

  18. Lol! Def hot librarian...and nothing at all like what I look like with glasses on : ( I envy gals who can pull of this look!

  19. SPANK ME BABY!! LOL! Not a dweeb at all! Very naughty librarian! LOL!

    WOw that's it for the smoking FOTD?! Dang... Skillz woman! Love the red lip on you too! Very nice!

  20. ooh those glasses are dangerous! I'm thinking of getting new glasses too. Perhaps I should get a shape similar to yours ;)

  21. You look so cute in those glasses! LOL at all your naughty jokes. Pretty FOTDs. :)

  22. I feel like you're gonna spank me with a WHIP! :D Sexy lips! ^_^ I need another red lipstick because my LE is getting low and I don't want it to run out >_<


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