Thursday, February 25, 2010

Formspring Q&A + Your Thoughts On... Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery? [edited]

I answered a few more Formspring questions:

But one that really stood out to me was:
have you had any cosmetic or plastic surgery?
My answer:Yes, I got my teets & ass done in Mexico... just kidding. NO, I have not had any cosmetic or plastic surgery. Does it look like I do??

- - - - - - -

Does it, really??? :P Anyways, I was curious to know:
what's your take on cosmetic/plastic surgery?

If you had the chance, would you get anything done?
What would you want to get done?
Do you already have anything done?
Are you totally against cosmetic surgery? For it?

I'm not against cosmetic surgery. If it makes you feel good, do it! I personally don't think I would get anything MAJOR done. If there's one thing I'd really want to change about myself though, it's my teef. Because I hate them. But that's not really surgery... :P Hmmm, I would be interested in a procedure that gets rid of under-eye circles/bags, though XD I thought about eyelid surgery, but no, I will stick with what I was born with =)

Okay, I think I should clarify this before people start getting the wrong idea.

I'm NOT trying to say that "NO, I don't need plastic surgery because I think I'm a flawless, beautiful being." Of course, I am far as fuck from that! There's a ton of things about myself I wouldn't mind changing physically (such as my chin - wish it was pointier, lips - wish they were thinner, nose -wish the bridge was wider, hairline - wish it was lower) but those are things that I've grown to accept because they are what makes me... me. So thank you, if you meant this question as a compliment, but I have not changed and most likely will not change any of these things in my lifetime.

However, If there's one kind of surgery I'd want to get, it's laser eye surgery!! My vision is terrible! I think I would still wear non-perscrip. glasses though, even if I got laser eye surgery... because I love the glasses look!


  1. LOL. Plastic Surgery?! Some thought you had stuff done?! Hahaha that's weird. You're just naturally hot! I'm scared of surgery. I don't want to go passed out but feel everything. That's so scary.
    Why your teef?? I have BIG teef. Like bunny teeth, I used to not like it but I'm okay with it now. I just want them white! Man though 5k on braces and my retainers don't even keep them straight. What the heck?!
    Ohh eye bags... I hate them. Mine are so big. Thanks to my dad's genes.

  2. haha take it as a compliment when people think you`ve gotten cosmetic surgery done! because people actually pay to have the same features as you!! :D but you got it for free!! natural!! haha

    if i would to get plastic surgery, i would get my jawline shaved.. i really like those V shaped chins.

  3. I've thought about this, but I wouldn't really call the procedures I want done "plastic surgery." Mainly I want to get botox to shrink my jaw muscles, whatever they're called. I have a really square face and I HATE it. I also want to get fillers to make my chin slightly longer, just slightly and eliminate my "bum chin" and on my nose too to make it a bit "higher" because its too flat. But those don't require me to get cut into, just a needle =)

    But then I thought about it long and hard and decided against it, mainly because once you start getting it, you'll likely keep going. It'll be like an addiction and sooner or later you'll turn out like Heidi Montag *shudders*

    BTW, I'm watching CAN v US women's hockey finals right now. GO CANADA! LOL <3

  4. I've heard of plastic surgery stories from hell, and honestly, I would probably never go as far as plastic surgery. But ask me in 20 years and see if I've changed my mind!

  5. Well I have actually had a bit of plastic surgery work done....On my thumb!ha
    I got my thumb trapped in a door and it kind of fell off.. so they gave me the option of having it stitched back or having micro plastic surgery to make it look more normal. However it still doesn't look like my other thumb.
    Anyways it's such a small thing that I wouldn't class it as plastic surgery.

    As for having anything done, it would be a no. I'm not even against it, it's just there's nothing I hate that much about myself. But maybe if I broke my nose in the future I probably would consider having it fixed if I had a bump.

    Really interesting post/topic. :)

  6. not against cosmetic surgery buuut i definitely dont see myself going for one at all... exception: DIMPLE SURGERY! lol i looooove love love dimples... buuut bf FORBIDS me to have any type of surgery, even though dimple surgery is soooo minor it doesnt even require anesthesia + heal time = a couple hours!


  7. So are you too perfect?! I find it a compliment :)

    I am pretty sure that I'll have my boobs lifted after kids and maybe, mayyybe fix my nose, I think I'll never do it b/c it A LOT of my family has the same ugly nose, tehehe. Maybe fillers in my late 30's. That's all I'd consider getting done. I love myself :) I think I'm over all the insults I received on how ugly I was my whole life and how ugly my nose is, haha

  8. The only surgery I've gotten is Lasik. Surgery's scary to me in general so I don't think I'll be doing anymore! That said however I have no probs with chicks doing whatever they want to their own body.

  9. I'm not against plastic surgery at all. If there was a painless and more natural looking boob job... I would be all over it! LOL I would get my nose done if I knew for suuuure that it would turn out better. However, I don't think I'll ever actually do anything in my life except laser hair removal and laser eye surgery. I'm always wowed by the supposed before and after pictures of Asians after eyelid surgery as well. XD

    You don't look like you have plastic surgery done (since sometimes the results can be bad and obvious). You look gorgeous and like a natural beauty!

  10. I don't think I'll ever get plastic surgery done, just because I'm always afraid of the effects it may have afterwards, like when I age. >_<

  11. It truly doesn't matter what you look like, as long as you feel good about yourself. HECK, I wish I can get rid of my blackheads and be taller and blah blah blah but honestly, in the end, your friends, family love you for who you are. You should also learn to love yourself too :)

    That's my take on plastic surgery... not really, more on body image :)

    Love your answer though, and I totally agree. BTW you look beautiful to me :) Nothing I would change!

  12. im not agaisnt it but i dont see myself getting one. but then again cant really say you know...some people vowed never gona get them but as soon as cash flows in they doin things here and there. just like u, i already accepted my flaws. and yes, i would like to have my teef get done too more than anything else!

  13. I've had cosmetic surgery. I had the double eyelid surgery and I'm damn proud of it. I'm not an insecure betty but I think fuck it if you wanna change how you look, why not? Getting the surgery made makeup so much easier and gave me a boost of confidence. I would totally get my tits and ass done in Mexico :P

  14. yeah i like your opinion on this, as much as I'd like to look more like blah blah, i just work with what i have :P


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