Sunday, February 7, 2010

A piece of me in... Feb 2010! + Formspring Q&A - would you model?

It's that time of the month again!

Time for Shirley's (Notes from the Toothfairy) game, A Piece of Me! Click on the image above to learn more about this game, and join!
This month,
I like...
  • PINK! It's been 3 months of me loving pink. It is def my current fav color.
  • LUSH products! I really wish we had a LUSH store here :(
  • Being able to wake up at 9:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday
I don't like...
  • Waking up at 6:30 AM on Monday and Wednesday
  • Having to buy like 581751867309 bottles of power steering fluid every week
  • Gas prices
  • Cold nights... it's still cold!
I want you to know...
  • Life is kicking me AND my family AND the Mister in the ASS right now... it's like just when things get good, everything starts going wrong one after another, for ALL of us... life is just dealing out all these shitty cards continuously and it's exhausting, stressful, and depressing. But I'm -- well, we all are -- doing our best to stay positive and optimistic that things will start improving sooner than later. *crosses fingers*
I've planned...
  • Lots of reviews. LOTS.
I want to say to someone special...
  • I love you, and I'll miss you. I can't begin to say how much I regret not showing it more, sooner. You'll always be in our hearts ♥
And here's Formspring Q&A:
I noticed you're into the import car scene. Would you ever be a model for car shows or for car photo shoots? You have a great look for it & your knowledge of cars would make you an awesome spokes model, not to mention possible sponsorships for parts!

LOL aww, thanks for asking this =) Now I have a huge rant to explain XD

I did take modeling course when I was younger, with Susan Page Modeling and Premier Models & Talent. But it turned out to be a whole lotta BS junk that I didn't learn anything from... so I never got my comp cards printed.

The crappy thing is that my cousin on Oahu took the same course (on her island), and got a ton of free shit AND modeling gigs after. How f*cking unfair is that?! It's so disappointing especially because how much $$$ I (my parents) wasted on this course.

Sooo, coming to my point lol... that was the main reason I wanted to take the course; because I was interested mainly in the import scene. Not runway. Not print. Not commercials. But apparently, between the Big Island VS Oahu, there's a gigantic difference in the PERKS you get from the course. Sooo... my cousin is currently doing what I wanted to do (so lucky!), and I got left with sh!t >:(

So in conclusion to this novel rant... if I was approached by someone looking for models, I'd be up to it. If I was approached by a photog especially, I would LOVE to TFP. But other than that, I'm not actively searching for gigs, although I'd still like to make more connections within the industry (;

I should also add, I'm not a HUGE car buff. But being around guys + cars for the past 6 years... you pick stuff up here and there. Enough to deal with my car & other oldschool Hondas at least. The keyword here is HONDA though, lol. Other imports / American / European engineering = I'm lost :P


  1. I didn't leave a comment on your post about your grandma because I couldn't find the right words to say, but I definitely want to send my condolences to you. I always find it hard to say "comforting" things because I don't really feel much of what I say would make you feel much better (sort of those "are you okay?" people ask when you're sad...what should I reply? "I'm not, but thanks for asking?" But! I think that's one way to show they care and I appreciate that). But I DO want you to know that one more person out there cares. :) Feel free to say whatever you need to on your blog, I (as well as many others, I'm sure) will be very happy to see your trust in us and I do think that thinking and talking about certain things do serve as a method to get over/find peace with it. :)

    Whoa, now that was long. Sorry if I used too many words to say something very simple, which is: my heart reaches out to you and your family (as well as your boyfriend since you've included him for the negative things right now) during this difficult time. I hope everything will get better soon! At least you can be comforted by the fact that when life is pretty terrible, the only way it can get is better! ^___^

    Looking forward to your reviews!

  2. I love pink too! & Awww, that is unfair! How so? Your cousin got it and you didn't. You should have to! Your very gorgeous love, and there will be alot of opportunities for you in the future. & I'm looking forward to all your reviews.

  3. I'm super tired of these really cold nights too. Is it Spring yet?!

  4. yay for pink and lush! they are super addicting I just wish some of their products didn't expire so quickly

  5. Gas prices in HI suck ass! Well most prices in Hawaii suck ass! LOL!

    I'm glad you and your fam are trying to stay on a positive note. The important thing is that you guys support and love each other through these rough patches.

  6. i just have to let it out, i am so envious of your blog layout from the background to the bows, its so so lovely :3 as for your post, i wish you all the good things and darn those gas prices :P


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