Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sanctuary Jewelry & Tanimoto Dharma Designs updates!

I got my order from Juli of Sanctuary Jewelry a few days ago!
I fell in LOVE with so many of her gorgeous pieces, it was so hard to choose the one I wanted! I chose the angel wing necklace, it is sooo cute :3

These are some of my other favorite pieces:

What I got:

Of course I devoured the candy (;
Fake nails! Which I am currently in the process of deco-ing ♥
And the necklace!

Obvious why I love it, right? It's adorable!

Why does blogger seriously eff the quality of some photos? -_-;
Anyways. I love my new necklace ♥

I would do a FOTD but I have no idea wtf I slapped on my face the day I took this photo lol. The lashes/contacts are courtesy of (: If you have not tried it out before, definitely do! It's so fun to play with~

Don't forget to visit the very talented Juli! ♥
Also, I wanted to announce that we have new creations at our website,
Tanimoto Dharma Designs!
(Click here to also visit the store)

We have three new Dharma Cats (:

Mono no aware, "a sensitivity to things," is a Japanese aesthetic used to describe the awareness of the transience of all things, and the bittersweet sadness at their passing. The Sakura or Cherry Blosson tree epitomizes this concept of beauty. The delicate flowers bloom and then fall within a single week, symbolizing the fleeting nature of life.

The first two cats with the sakura trees are for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea this Saturday! We're going to be participating in the craft fair, I hope we do good!

We also have more new cats & muffins, which I will be updating with soon (:


  1. gorgeous jewelry! Shes soo talented. (: I want to order some from her too. & thanks for sharing!


  2. the necklace is really beautiful! :)

  3. OMG.. that angel wings necklace is way too cute!! :]... beautiful jewelery.

  4. Pretty bling! You look gorgeous!

    I love that cat artwork! It reminds me of our fur kid. <3

  5. aww those pieces are lovely on you!! I will go and visit her site right away :3 and i fell in love with the new design!! two things i love, cats and sakura :3

  6. woohooo! love juli's pieces! the angel wings totally suit you! <3 and yay for dharma cats! I love the mono no aware one! hehe!

  7. Aw what a gorgeous necklace. You look beautiful btw! Your new creations are very cute as well. :)

  8. Love your new bling and that second Sakura cat pic!

  9. Thanks for sharing her creations with us! I've never heard of her before but I will definitely visit her site after. :) I've been trying to figure out what FOTD stood for for a couple of days until I finally scrolled to your VERY useful "translations", hehehe. :D Why F instead of P? That's really what screwed me up. Haha!

    The kitties are so adorable! :D

  10. I love this post. Thank's for sharing...I gotta go check out her site :)

  11. awwww i love the middle cat!! sooo cute!!! gL on the fair :))


  12. i like the star with wings necklace! the reason i like it is b.c its like leading to look at your boobies ;) LMAO jk jk

  13. Woo! Love the jewelry. haha I made a pair of chained stars like that for a friend but mine have the stars attached to the post. I like the first Dharma cat. It's cute.

    They don't deliver boxes to your house anymore? Hmm weird. Although I have heard of people stealing other people's boxes and the post office getting blamed for it. Maybe that's why?

  14. Aww now you added Sakura!! The Cats are getting too hard to resist! :)

    Very pretty jewelry! Those angel wings are soo in right now! ;)

  15. hey sweetie! Thks for leaving such a sweet comment. I love the last 3 cat pics, they are so cute!!

  16. haha, funny that you brought up eating a box of donuts. Last night my sister got mad at my dad and was like "HEY! Why did you eat all the donuts!? There were so many in here and now they're all gone!!" & he was all like "it wasn't me" And then I got all embarrassed! LOL

  17. Such pretty jewelry! <3 love the little wings :)
    Good luck with the craft fair! <3 I'm sure you will do very well coz these are such cute designs! <3 So talented! <3

  18. Nice purchases!!!! :) I like.
    The art is also really cute!!

    Have a good weekend hun!\


  19. Hello~! You and those earrings are gorgeous!
    I see you do arts too! do you have a deviantart? would you like to be friends?

  20. I've awarded your blog with an 'I ♥ your blog' award. Come by and check it out when you can =]

  21. Love the jewelry! I bought some crowns months ago to make jewelry with, but I have yet to do so. lol

  22. I love the Tanimoto Dharma Designs! :]

    Do you by chance make these prints with Japanese characters?


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