Monday, March 22, 2010

Damn this humidity!

Don't you hate it how right after you get your hair done, it looks fucking FAB, but the next day it looks like crap? Errr well that's how it is in my experiences, mostly :P

Although I love the length... if I don't blowdry, flat iron, AND use wax spray; the humidity here makes my hair curl... OUTWARDS. And I end up looking like Rukia from Bleach:

My hairdresser gave me a can of Schwarzkopf OSiS Sherbet Wax Spray.
So that's what I've been using on my hair.

Keeps my hair piecey and defined.
Too much gets sticky though.

Funny, my hair looks shorter today :P

I flat-ironed my hair 5841465475 times just to get it this straight.
And after a few hours, it still started flipping outwards.
Like... Dr. Girlfriend-flipping outwards...
That bad -_-;

Sooo... so far, this hairstyle is requiring a lot of maintenance!
It's worth it though ♥

Okay... enough camwhoring... bye! : )


  1. I remembered when I had short hair! I felt like I had to style it everyday for it to look good :( Took up a lot of time and damage to my hair lol but I know what you mean about straightening it like a million times to get it straight when only later it gets flippy again! I don't know how you straighten your hair, but I used to do it in layers :)

  2. Ahh! I hate when that happens. Your hair looks cherry right after you cut it then the next day you're like "Hey wait... what's going on here?!"
    My hair is shitty. I have to flat iron it so it stays straight at the ends.
    You look so cute!! I wanna buy a bob looking wig.

  3. I've only see a few episodes of the first season but I wonder if Ichigo and Rukia will ever get together... That spray looks like it keeps the frizzies away to, I might have to give that a try!

  4. LOL! I really dislike it when my hair begins flipping outward too...I feel like Rukia or just those 60s house wives or something, ack. But your style looks really cute when it's not acting up, so it's worth it, right? ;D

  5. Haha! I LOVE DR. GIRLFRIEND!!! She's the shit!! LOL!

    damn my hair looks like the chick from the 1st pic all the time! LOL! But then again her's is still nicer. I'm just to lazy to style my hair! LOL!

    But I'm still loving this cut on you!

  6. Never seen that cartoon, hehe. My hair does the same sometimes, so I give up and I don't straighten more than a few times a months, haha. Last pic is great!!

  7. Your hair is so cute! I could never pull off a short cut.. I've tried before, and it did not work for me at all. But it looks great on you!

  8. Wah I've been gone from blogger so long, you got an awesome hair cut!!!! Loooooove this stylish bob/angled cut on you, you look super duper gorgeous! Short hair looks great on you, jealous! I love Osis + brand stuff for adding volume to my hair, good brand. Sorry to hear about the humidity making it difficult for you to keep your hair straight though.

    I love Venture Brothers too! LOL

  9. Cool tip about hair, but I can not get past your nails!! they are awsome!!!

  10. oh my goodness! I am really slow and oblivious...or just not updated with your news! =/ I didn't know you cut your hair short! (lol as you can probably tell by now, I'm catching up on your posts!<3) This whole entire time, I thought you still had your long layered hair! Wow, I am so not with it!

    You look AMAZING with this hair! So gorgeous and very sophisticated! ;P haha I totally know what you mean by hair curling hair! At one point in high school, I cut my hair short (like Yuna's in FFX-2) and got tons of piecey layers...bad choice for a lazy person like me! It would always curl outward...UGH! I hated it and always had to flat iron it!! but yeah...I got lazy and was just whatever! haha xD

    ♥ caroline


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