Sunday, March 14, 2010

EOTD - Maybelline Eyestudio "Give Me Gold" + Camera FCKN FAIL

You can skip this beginning rant if you want :P

So, if you've been reading my recent posts, you'll know that my beloved Cybershot DSC-S730 stopped working awhile ago -- first, the flash stopped working. This happened once before, but we got it fixed. However, next, it started saying the batteries were dead, even though I put in new ones. Then, when you press the button the take the picture, the camera just shuts off. :( So I took it to Sears to get it fixed. In the meantime, I bought a new camera, a Cybershot DSC-W190. Which I ended up hating. So I was eagerly awaiting the return of my old camera.

I just got it back on Saturday. I HATE SEARS.

My camera let me take 2 pictures, then went right back to doing what it had done before. Press button; shuts off. Dammit. AND NOT ONLY THAT, now, when you press the power button, THE FLASH GOES OFF. The fucking flash goes off! So I'm sitting there pressing the power button, and the flash is going off and on and off and on and off and on and WTF! Not only did they NOT fix my camera, it's worse than before! Idk. Maybe this is telling me that it's just my old cam's "time." :(

So I had to take these pictures with the DSC-W190. Which I hate. I went through literally EVERY SINGLE SETTING and they all suck. Every damn picture I take that's not FULLY in natural lighting = CRAP. Blurry, grainy, and terribly orange. I think this camera just hates me. It's great for taking pictures of inanimate objects, but not of myself. I had to take like 85764365431 shots just to get those 2 decent close-up ones below, and that is AFTER color correcting and sharpening =__=; The only redeeming factor about this camera is that the Twilight Portrat setting is the SHIT. Ughhhhh.

I think maybe the Universe is telling me to hurry my ass up and get me a D90. Lol.


Here's swatches of the Maybelline Eyestudio "Give Me Gold" palette. It's quite pigmented, esp. the copper & dark brown shades! The lighter two are really shimmery... got sparkles all over my face. All the shades are super soft and silky... apply nicely with minimal fallout... last rather long and appear vibrant without a primer.

Pearl white highlight shade - Very light/frosty. Super shimmery.
Yellow gold shade - Less shimmery. Pretty!
Coppery orange shade - Even less shimmer. Metallic.
Dark brown shade - Before swatching, it looked shimmery. But after you rub off the top, the shade is actually more on the matte side, with very fine shimmer.

And here is the eye look I did with this palette.

Also used:
Rimmel Exaggerate to tightline & line waterline/lashline
NYX Felt tip liner pen (dark brown) to line lashline, double wing liner
L'Oreal Lineur Intense (black mica) to line lashline, double wing liner
Red Cherry Lashes #46
Geo Angel Green circle lenses

I realize the double wing came out rather shit-tastic this time... :P

Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20
Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer (Medium)

Clinique Superbalm
NYX Round Lipstick (Orange Soda)


  1. Oh man I hate bad camera's! I feel sorry for you, hopefully your camera woe's will resolve soon!

    Beautiful look reminds me of hollyannaeree's recent video! (

    Actually you two look alike! :) so jealous!

  2. Thanx for doing the diagrams for your eotd's...every1 who knows me also knows that I suck at anything to do with eyeshadows :( haha I'm still envious of your eye shape^^ haha

    Hope your cam luck changes soon...(i wish i had a better cam that don't make me look as shiny as glitter >_<)

  3. Daaamn that sucks! You should definitely check out the Sony TX5 if you don't get the D90 yet. It's supposed to be really good. I'm kinda tempted to buy it and test it. hehe :P

    Ugh yeah poor girl. If that had been me, I would have asked for some makeup remover and left. lol! I don't go to the MAC counter over here anymore. I used to stop by to pick up some eyeliner, but then Izumi turned me on to the wonders of Loreal Lineur Intense. :D And it's been like 4 months and I stiiill haven't worked through even half a pot of Fluidline. :D

    BTW, do you depot your eyeshadows? If so, what's a good empty palette for the NYX shadows? I've been thinking about depotting mine since I have quite a few. :S

  4. i saw this palette the other day as well, and i was so shocked by the size of it for that price! so that kind of turned me off, but looking at the EOTD, kinda makes me want go out and get it

    sony is pretty gay with their cameras. i have one as well, and you have to have good lighting to take good pictures. DAY-TIME natural lighitng, or FLouresent lighthing, else it's gonna be gay. i'm waiting for it to die on me, but apparently it still alive. i'm eyeing a canon :)

    but anywas, do you still have warranty or anything? just send it to the manufacture, and they might even just give u a brand new one

    but anywas, good luck! take care <3


  5. hmm, i think this is pretty EOTD
    I hate camera, even my recent camera, I hate it but it is still a good camera. I think Sony camera is really good, the lenses are good and they have more focus point when capture a close up picture. even the video is recorded in HD form

  6. You should return the new camera that you hate. At least exchange it for a better one? I have a Sony Cybershot T-90 and I loooove it, plus the auto-detection for settings actually works really well. It's also what I use to record my youtube vids, so the HD video is fantastic too!

  7. i just got my dslr! but I got a d3000. Do you really think you'd need everything the d90 is for? coming from a point and shoot I feel like the d3000 is more than enough and I got mine for a good price with a good lens.

  8. o mannn, stupid camera! think its time to move on and get the d90 xD

    and i love the look!

  9. Ahh! Erynn! My camera broke.
    I guess I dropped it a weeeee little bit yesterday and now when I film videos it has this weird gear and buzzing sounds. Then when you listen to the video it's even LOUDER!
    So i gotta take it to Best Buy and hopefully they can fix it or give me a new camera.
    I want the Canon s90 but it's kind of expensive for a P&S. =[

    I lav the look. The Red Cherry lashes look a lot more natural on you. On me they look like spider legs growing out of my eye. I should try and trim them...

  10. awww sooo pretty! my fave fotd's are always the ones with bronzey/orangey eyeshadows... sadly i can't pull them off (my skin tone ends up looking brassy with any golden hue :(

    oh and if it's not too late, try returning your new cam and get a canon ;)


  11. I don't care for sears either. Rarely shop in there. Sorry to hear that they didn't fix your cam propa. You should take it back and tell them do it again! LOL!

    ANd what a sultry EOTD!! Love it!! Soooo sexy!!

  12. Love the EOTD!
    I hate how the Maybelline quads are so expensive! I like the colors and the packaging is decent, but the price is just stupid -__-

    The last time I was at a Sears store was when I was 10?? Never really liked the store back then haha

  13. Have you ever tried a Canon Powershot? I've got the Canon Powershot SD790, and I love it. Canon cameras are my favorite.
    Btw, this look is gorgeous!

  14. Erynnnn!!! I just went to Longs and all their Maybelline makeup is 40% off!! I got the new Maybelline quad in Purple Icon for like $5.70! I'm so excited! lol. It was so hard to resist getting others. (>_<) I just HAD to jump online and tell you! Oh and their skincare stuff is 30% off. :D

  15. pretty pretty! esp with the contact lenses... it makes the colors pop!

  16. amazing job i have same pallete so i might try

  17. TY for posting up what it looks like w/ the Maybelline steps of using it. It looks really great I just bought it :)


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