Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EOTD - Sultry Blue (and some brown) + Revisit: Sephora Color Play Palette

I used to rock blue eyeshadow allll the time when I was younger and just getting into makeup. Why? Idk. This was from 5 or so years ago.... my eyebrows looked a lot nicer back then :P (MAC Electric Eel, if you're wondering... sold it 'cause I got bored with it...)

Did this look yesterday because I was bored.
The pictures of it were rather vibrant on-camera,
but this is how they looked once transferred to my computer:


After color correcting.
Does not do ANY justice to how it looked IRL :(

Lenses are Geo Twins - Honey
Lashes are Red Cherry #46

Rimmel Exaggerate to tightline, line waterline, & lashline
L'Oreal Lineur Intense (black mica) to line lashline & wing outer corner

Shades B2, B5, C5, E2, B6, E6, F6 from Sephora Color Play Palette
(refer to image in sidebar & eye diagram for placement)

Yellow gold shade from Maybelline Eyestudio Give Me Gold Palette
Metallic blue eyeliner from Sephora Collector's Edition Palette

Revisit: The Sephora Color Play Palette

I did a review with swatches here.

Originally, I had stated that they eyeshadows are rather pigmented; the last 3 shades in each column usually being the most pigmented.

HOWEVER... I don't know if these shadows just get crappy over time or what... but the dark navy blue and black shades that I used in this look were SO SHEER that the minute I put some on and went to grab the next color, the shadow was already fading. No matter how much color I piled on, it would fade really quickly. Boo. However, the other shades (highlights) are still good and show up well. The brighter blue shades lasted a bit longer than the dark shades, but still faded rather fast.

I'll admit... I am too lazy to do primers... it would probably make a big diff, but still.. I remember the shadows being a lot more pigmented when I first got it (I don't use this palette very often). But for only $22, I guess it was still worth it. Now I have to start going through my Collector's Edition Palette!


  1. Very pretty indeed! Your eyes still look great five years on, btw. I've only quite recently gotten into blue eyeshadow myself.....I haven't got bored with that yet. :D

  2. Lucky! Blue looks horrid on me!
    The ONLY way I can wear blue is if it's suuuuuper dark and almost black looking.
    I hate how my camera kills colors with flash. In natural lighting it turns out icky.
    I'm thinking of getting like a white balance light bulb for my lamp so pictures and videos come out nicer.

  3. hmm, maybe u should try take photo during the day time, face towards the lightning, use no flash. I'm not sure how's your camera works, but there should be able to adjust the lightning. My camera is OLympus, the lightning can be adjusted before take photo.
    U try to off the flash and take picture by facing the light rays.

    the EOTD is lovely

  4. wow, I would never think to use 9 diff colors on my eyes...~_~...getting 4 will be a miracle for me ~_~ i'm so lame with shadows :(...

    LOVE ur EOTD's and ur diagrams ^^ helps me heaps! thanks!

  5. @ witoxicity - Thanks :D I'm too timid to use blue eyeshadow now, lol!

    @ Serenie - Grrr I hate the flash! I was trying it yesterday and it just washes everything out :(

    @ Ning - I actually did this look in the afternoon... closer to evening LOL so the lighting in my room was already bad :( I tried playing with all the settings, and they all give the same blurry, dark, orangey results :( I never seem to do any looks during the day lol but when I do, I'll make sure to take it in better lighting : )

  6. yayyy to colour correcting! i find i have to do that with most (if not all) of my pics to make it look like how it does in real life.

    looove the blue look though, i dont think ive ever really done anything with my blue e/s... i usually stick to plums and neutrals (once in a while green when im feeling a little wild lol).


  7. Erynn, your bold eye makeup always look super gorgoeus! I love how you blended the colors... ahh, I wished, I could wear bold eye makeup too!

    Or maybe, I just don't have the skills to make it look good on me. :p

  8. love the look! Electric Eel is one of my favorite colors.

  9. i love your EOTD tutorials very helpful and your eyes pop! what camera are you using btw?

    love the lens and lashes!

  10. Aww crappy shadows?! But the end result looks SEXY!! Love the rocker edge it has! :)

  11. Looks really pretty! the colors look so vibrant :)


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