Saturday, March 13, 2010

FOTD + Product Overview - Make It Work: NYX Liquid Foundation & Love from the Mr. ♥

I had done a quick overview HERE about the NYX Liquid Foundation I had purchased during NYX's $1 Sale. I had written that the shade "Ivory" appeared way too pale & slightly ashy for me and "Caramel" was way too dark. But I decided on a whim to play around with them a few times over the past month.

If you read that post, you'll know I wasn't having much success getting a good shade by mixing the two. So I figured I could use them as a highlight/contour. Turns out, Caramel ends up looking really orangey and dark on me, and it's hard to blend. Maybe I'll give it more chance in the future but for now, I'm not using it.

HOWEVER, the fucking awesome part was that Ivory actually turned out to be a decent match for my skin tone! On my hand, it was REALLY pale. I was sure it would make me look sickly. But after trying it, it actually does blend decently with my skin! It is still on the light side though... JUST A TAD lighter than I'd like it to be.

But I found the perfect solution!
I used bronzers from this makeup palette! (review/swatches here)


Using a fluffly complexion brush, I lightly dusted the second shade in the "bronzer" column (from the top), all over my face. Then I dusted the first shade on the apples of my cheeks (it's actually more on the pink side; makes a nice highlight).

And voila!
That is what I used on my face for this FOTD.
Evens out my skin tone rather well (:

I am wearing my "Every Queen Needs Her Crown" necklace, made by the wonderfully talented Steph of Julu Jewelry!

The finish is rather nice, in fact, I would say it is comparable to the Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20 I just reviewed, and is also similar to the BB creams I own. It is not as dewy though. It feels rather sticky when applying it, but you don't need to blend it in as quickly as the Cellnique. However, it still needs to be blended in more quickly than say, Etude House BB Magic Cream. Also, it sets to a similar sticky/tacky consistency like the Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20, but absorbs/dries quicker. It has a consistency rather similar to the Cellnique as well. Not too thick but not thin like a lotion either.

This is a pretty half-assed FOTD, actually :P
I'm too lazy to properly list what I used... just threw on whatever I normally use on my eyes... and for the lips, YSL Gloss Pur in Pure Rose. The main point of this FOTD was the foundation : )

Oh, and...
The Mister surprised me today with this!

We were at Walmart the other day and I was eyeing up the Maybelline Eyestudio palettes... I really had been lemming me some! But when I finally saw them, I was a little deterred by the price & size... I know that makes me sound like a cheapass but geee this shit is over $7 and it just seems really... small IRL.

So I left without buying anything :(

Buuut... the Mister actually went back to Walmart later on and bought one for me! He was apparently taking notes as I was looking through the palettes... he actually got me the blue one first LOL... but it's the thought that counts, right? : ) And it was amazing in itself that he actually remembered WHICH BRAND and WHICH PALETTE in the first place! Lol! Boy def. surprises me sometimes ♥

So we went back later today to exchange it for this one - Give Me Gold - since it's the one I really had my eye on : ) And there was only ONE LEFT! Whoo!

I think I'll do an EOTD with this... tomorrow maybe : )


  1. oh my gosh, those are super pretty on you! and you look so gorgeous! you remind me of the main girl in the ps3 game bayonetta!

  2. wow. Your skin is so flawless. Nice fotd. :P

  3. you look nice even with glasses i too wear eyeglass

  4. awww that is small thing that means so much!well i was referring to the mister!:)

  5. wohoo, nice palette, can't wait to see your FOTD with it.

  6. your skin looks glowy and amazing! and how sweet of your mister :D

  7. Hahaha. The little note about "the Mister" is so cute! Like you said, it's the thought that counts. :)

  8. bronzers do make the face glow. simplicity is good! the foundation makes your skin look flawless. and I can't wait till you do an update on the eye shadow colors!

  9. haha, your bf is so sweet to be taking notes on what you were looking for. :) I feel the same way about those palettes. it's too exp for the size, and I'm not a huge maybelliene fan to begin with. They all so dang pretty though so it's hard to resist for sure. You look lovely with the necklace! I hope I can use these pics with your permission. :)

  10. awwww your bf is tooo cute for doing that!! i remember my bf pulled something similar for my bday a couple years ago... we were at this umbra store and i was looking at the collage frames they had... i wanted them soo badly until we saw the price. it was more than $80... regardless of how pretty they were, i was not about to spend more than 30$ on things you put your pictures in lol. sooo i just left all bitter... the next day though, bf came back and surprised me with them! yayyy haha


  11. Haha!! "Make It Work Bitch" LOL! You crack me up! But it looks good to me!! Love the FOTD! Not half assed at all!

  12. ooh your makeup looks so pretty! i am still trying to figure out what to do with the highlighter stuff. btw ,i have the same palette in silver! whoo hoo, yay for ross makeup! :P

  13. Hahah! Glad you made it work cause you be looking FIIIIINE sister! ;)
    LOL so cute how boys pay such fine detail when they really want to.
    Matt doesn't try. Which is why I started to yell at him yesterday, cause he doesn't try and isn't nice to me anymore. Went to pick him up so we could go to work, waited half an hour in front his house and he wouldn't answer the door or his phone so he had to bus his ass to work. GOOD FOR HIM! Haha.
    I was thinking of picking up another one since longs had a 40% off sale. I got some lipgloss instead. I can't find a lipgloss I like and I really want the YSL one. Cause I'm so materialistic and the packaging is pretty.

  14. Nice idea to use the bronzer! :)

    OoOo pretty palette! I have a Maybelline palette that I bought in Japan that's similar to the ones that came out in the US but they're shaped different. I haven't had the chance to check them out yet so I dunno if they have the same shades.

    RYC: Oh you're cousins with Travis? Oh cool! I didn't know that. Yeah Jaime still works there :) I haven't had anything besides the mandoo and korean chicken. I love them! :D I think the only other places that have good mandoo are Lan He's and H&K's.

  15. Ohhh ok. :) Steve creeps you out? haha! He's alright. Yeah, I used to go to H&K all the time when I was friends with Linda but hardly anymore. :S

  16. cool!...way to make things work!...would it work the other way around? like a bright finishing powder? idk lol...

  17. the foundation looks nice on u! and i saw hollyannerae do a look with that quad and the colors were super pretty~

  18. You saw her at the mall? haha. Was she tall and gangly looking? lol! jk. What time was that?

    Ohh haha. Umm well, I was friends with her a couple years ago, but it just kinda faded. haha. I met her cuz we hung out with the same people, but then that group had some dramas. Linda and I'll talk a bit whenever we saw each other, but that's about it.


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