Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some HAPPYness : )

Haven't let Happy hog the blog for awhile... so here's a bit of HAPPYness for ya : )


  1. So CUTE! I literally "aww"-ed out loud~ ^___^
    I just hate having allergies to animals or I'd have a farm full of them-sigh~

    Miss. P

  2. Awww so cute, i love this your puppy? a maltese?

  3. aww, Happy is so cute! xD What kind of dog is he/she?

  4. Happy is so cute! She's just as adorable as when you first got her.

    LOL @ her constantly squeaking the toy.
    Smart girl. My dog usually just bites around the squeaker. Actually...I don't even know if my dog can fit his mouth around the squeaker...

    <3 Serena.

  5. O-m-g! Happy has the perfect name b/c that's exactly how I feel after watching this vid. =D

  6. Haha so cute! At first I thought it was the dog that was squeaking and then I realized it was the toy! Total *durr* moment there....

  7. Erynn, thank you so much for the text message ;D AND the super sweet comment. It truly meant SO MUCH to me ♥

    In the beginning used to keep telling myself that karma would get her, but honestly she's just so sad that I almost just feel sorry for her. I feel so bad for her that I wanna just pray that she finds herself and is able to turn herself around. Idk, if you knew the whole story, you'd be like "damn... she's a pretty sad person" just not worth anyone's time or my anger.

    And as far as the way we feel about ourselves, I think it's just something that a LOT of females battle with. Because girl, I think you look amazing!! ;) lol But hey, we just gotta keep reminding ourselves that what we see in the mirror probably isn't how others see us.

    But hey, thanks for your kind words, really helps to make me feel better <3


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