Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in "Peach Satin"

I know that when I first posted about this blush, I said that it gave a nice glow (or something to that effect) after a few layers. Now that I have used it a couple more times, I must retract that statement -_-; It adds nicely when layered over another blush, but when used by itself, it blends into practically nothing :/ If you're interested to hear more of my experience and thoughts on this blush, please read on : )

Price: I got mine for around $8 I think. Online you can find it for $6-8.

What they say:

Why You'll Love It: Air-soft formula provides luminous, long-lasting color on cheeks. Glides on smoothly and blends easily for seamless color and a natural, radiant finish. Air-whipped mousse delivers satin-soft feel on skin. Long-wearing formula will not clog pores.

For Best Results: With your fingertips, pat a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use feathery strokes to blend gently from your cheekbones to your temples. To build color intensity, apply more blush.

The good stuff:

  • Several shades to choose from
  • Soft, light, smooth texture
  • Easy to apply
  • Subtle shimmer

The low-down:

  • Even after several layers, the color does not show up on my skintone.

My take: While I LOVE the Dream Mousse Concealer, I cannot say the same for this blush. I was so excited to try it; but I think I may have chosen the wrong color. Peach Satin is definitely NOT peachy. It is a light, frosty baby pink with shimmers (strangely enough, when wiped off on a tissue, it looks VERY peachy). Although the directions say to apply more blush to build the color intensity, no matter how many layers I do of this shade; it DOES NOT show up on my cheeks. I get some shimmer and a super subtle sheen, but NO color. I guess maybe I am too dark? Or I got a bad one? Or maybe it just would work better on lighter skin tones? Not too sure. On the upside, the texture is very nice and light, smooth, and it's super easy to blend. It layers well enough over other blushes to add some shimmer and sheen. But that's about it.

Would I repurchase/recommend?: No, I would not repurchase this particular shade, but I still want to try the shades Pink Frosting and Rose Petal though. While I think it MIGHT work better on lighter skintones, I wouldn't really recommend this shade if you are looking for a pigmented blush.

The Rundown:

Sturdy glass jar; a little big for the amount of product.

Product: 2/5
Good texture but poor pigmentation.

Price: 4/5
Affordable. Available at drugstores.


PS - as you can see, I'm trying out a new rating system (I'm still kind of working it out). You can click here to read about it... let me know what you think : )

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