Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Blush & Highlighter

Autumn Catwalk
The light pink shade on the left has shimmers, the other two are matte.


No flash

Winter Glow

The peach pink shade in the middle has shimmers, the other two are matte.


No flash

Shades mixed
L-R: Autumn Catwalk, Winter Glow
Autumn Catwalk is a vibrant rosy pink, and Winter Glow is a more subtle peachy pink.

Autumn Catwalk on cheeks:

Price: I got mine for like... $5.69 at K-Mart. At Target, I think it was $4.79 or something. Online you can find it for around $4-5.

What they say: 3 shades in the same pan to achieve different looks. Use the shades altogether by sweeping the surface for a general healthy look effect. Combine the different shades by 3 or 2 and mix them to personalize your shade.
The good stuff:
  • Affordable
  • Good color selection
  • Cute design
  • 3 different shades that you can mix and match
  • Extremely pigmented
  • Soft, smooth texture
  • Blendable
  • Long lasting

The low-down:

  • Kind of small
  • Slightly powdery

My take: This blush is fantastic! If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll know that I'm currently obsessed with blush. So I just had to add these to my collection when I first saw them! I am happy to say that the pigmentation is faaaantastic. SO pigmented! So use a light hand or you'll end up looking super flushed. However, a light swipe gives you nice color that is blendable and gives a gorgeous glow. Lasting power is great. The color vibrancy stays for several hours and even after that, you can still see a nice pinky glow. The texture of this blush is soft and smooth, but slightly powdery so it can get a little messy. The case is cute, but overall, it is kind of a tiny.

I should note that there is a difference between the "Blush" and "Blush & Highlighter," -- which is what this review is on. The regular blush line has all matte shades, while this one has one has 3 shades in one, with one shimmer strip. However, the "highlight" shade is such a tiny strip, it would be hard to swipe up just that shade by itself to use as a highlight. It's much easier to just mix all the shades together. While there is some shimmer, it doens't really show up on my cheeks like a disco ball... just gives a nice glow.

Would I repurchase/recommend?: Yes, I would most likely repurchase Winter Glow because I like how it looks on my skintone. I also want to try "Pink Sorbet" from the "regular" blush line. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for affordable, extremely pigmented, long-wearing blushes!

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